Our Sweet Rocky

Back in 2007, when Billy and I were just dating, we drove all the way to Kentucky to pick up our sweet 12 week old Rocky and take him home with us. I had wanted a pomeranian for as long as I could remember, and having him be a gift to me from Billy was just icing on the cake. We were so excited to get a dog together ....more

What I've Learned As A Mom

+You wont be able to do it all. It's OK to ask for help. Especially in those early days, or during a transition time (new baby, a move, etc.) You are only one person, cut yourself some slack! ...more

Favorite Baby Shops On Etsy

I had way too much fun putting together this list! I've been asked a lot recently what my favorite baby Etsy shops are, so I wanted to round them up and share them today! From personalized baby books...coming home outfits...trendy clothing and accessories...birth announcement pillows, I'm crazy about all of them ....more

Sale Alert: Nike Juvenate

Are you obsessed with running shoes like I am? If so, you'll appreciate this post. I swear to you if I could wear Nike's every single day I would ....more

Five On Friday

-ONE- my most recent purchases: this amazing scarf that is only $19 - such a good find! this plaid tunic (comes in different patterns - the ivory and the red are my favorites) -TWO- ...more

Pumpkin Patch 2016

Every year I look forward to going to our local pumpkin patch. There's not much not to love when there's sweet treats all over the place, pumpkins to bring home, and fun memories made!Taking TWO little boys, though? My most favorite year as a family yet ....more


(from my snapchat: katiewkrysh) Reading: I can't tell you how long it has been since I read a book, but this weekend I picked up After You because of how much I loved Me Before You. I'm on chapter 5 already and really enjoying it (the book and the extra quiet time.) Wishing: that the current colds and sickness going through our house would GO AWAY. Both boys have been sick for over a week and it has been pretty rough having two sick kids (especially since Gray is so young!) at the same time ....more

Over The Knee Boots

I wish I would've gotten a pair of over the knee boots last year. They make a statement and can make an outfit look effortless! There are so many cute options out there that I had a hard time picking ones to feature today ....more

Grayson: 2 Months Old

(Believe it or not I did have this done on the 27th, when he actually turned 2 months, but wanted to wait until after his doctors appointment so that I had his height and weight!) It's hard to believe it's been 2 months since this little guy was born. I couldn't complain about Grayson if I really tried. He is honestly a dream baby, and is much easier than Camden was at this age ....more

5 Things I'm Doing To Lose The Baby Weight

Now that Grayson is 2 months old, it's officially "go time" for me to lose the last of this baby weight. Recovering from childbirth isn't easy, but what's even harder is getting rid of the excess belly fat. You have to essentially start all over and wake up those abdominal muscles again!...more