Mommy Life

one week old in this pic! Hi friends! Where to even START?! ...more

Introducing Camden Krysh

He's here!...more

Insta Lately (+An Update)

Hey guys! Remember how I've done those "Currently' posts in the past? I had one planned for today, but then realized it would look a little something like this...Currently...Reading: How to go into labor naturally, Wishing: that I would go into labor, Hoping: that we get to meet our baby boy soon, sooo yeah, I think I'll spare you ....more

renewed hope in a jar for the New Year ($100 Gift Card!)

Happy 2015 everyone!New Year... New You. Isn't that how it goes? ...more

Week 39 Bumpdate

You know what this means...still pregnant over here!It's weird. This is exactly the situation we hoped for and wanted this entire time! We wanted Camden to not come too early (especially not on Christmas) and to be a January baby coming close to his due date, and now that we are actually at that point it's so much harder than we thought ....more

Final Pregnancy Thoughts // What I've Learned

No matter how many hours you spend googling (that girl up there? guilty), or reading countless articles in magazines (double guilty), there is not one description or experience out there that will explain just how your pregnancy will go. Shocking, I know! ...more

Christmas // My Favorite Photos Of 2014

I bet you came here thinking I'd have lots of exciting Christmas photos...maybe some yummy food pics...Rocky dressed up in some kind of ridiculous Santa costume....maybe a cute Christmas day #ootd...I am a blogger after all! And these are the type of things we do, right? I don't blame you-I want to see some of that too when reading blogs! ...more

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas Eve! Yep, totally using our card from 2013 to wish you all a Merry Christmas this year. This is okay by you guys, right? ...more

The Only Moisturizer You Need: renewed hope in a jar

Aside from making some personal goals, one thing I love to do at the beginning of a new year is switch up my beauty routine and try some new products (which also includes tossing out all those products that I never use!) Besides, your skin deserves a little renewing and pampering too, am I right?...more

A Successful Weekend Before Christmas...

If you would consider....+not going into labor at Quicken Loans Arena while seeing the Cavs play+eating my weight in desserts (what baby wants, baby gets?)+having an awesome first Christmas celebration with Billy's family+and watching 3 different Christmas movies a success...then YES, this weekend was definitely one....more