HALO SleepSack (Giveaway!)

Happy {1st} giveaway day!...more

Showing Thanks

Good morning friends! How was everyone's weekend? Being that we only have a handful of weekends left before baby C arrives (only 6 weeks left in a couple days!), we took it pretty easy this weekend ....more

Current Makeup Bag // 2014 Beauty Gift Guide

Lashes // Face (liquid) Face (powder) // Eyes // Lips, 1 (AWESOME!) Lips, 2 // Nails // Brows (a must try) I've been kind of prepping my makeup bag these past few months for life with a baby. I keep hearing all about the importance of investing in good products (that you know get the job done!), and since makeup isn't something I normally splurge on, I've found some great go-to items recently that I know I'll be using often. I'm sure I won't have much time to spend on makeup, so I want the products I'm using to be effective....more

Week 33 Bumpdate

{tunic sweatshirt here..the best!} The details: *Camden is now the size of a...durian fruit! I have no idea what that even is...is that like a canteloupe? Hmm..not sure. ....more

Camden's Nursery Reveal

Finally! The part where I show a few A LOT of pictures of our little boy's nursery after talking about this room for oh...the past 7-8 months. I know you all were just on pins and needles waiting for me to share, right? ...more

Five On Friday

Hey there! Welcome to the weekend {almost!} Did anyone else get snow flurries yesterday?! There were definitely some flying around in the area over here, even though the day before it was 65 ....more

A Letter To My Son

My sweet Camden, ...more

Nordstrom Clearance Sale

I don't know how this could've happened, but I didn't pay any attention to Nordstrom's Sale going on right now until the very last day (which is today). Nordstrom has it all, and is one of my favorite stores. Actually, I do know how it could've happened (not being able to wear much these days, a nursery to decorate, thank you cards to write, the list goes on...), but I know that not all my readers are pregnant and therefore can scoop up these great deals!! ...more

When Your Baby Showers and Nursery Are Complete...

...you feel like a million bucks.Seriously. I feel so happy and thankful today. Monday has absolutely nothing on me! ...more

Friday's Favorites

Not much I love more than wrapping up the week with things I'm loving lately and reading everyone else's favorite posts on Friday's! Here's some things that I'm crazy about lately: +Cozy Cardigans Let's just talk about how I have very few things that fit me these days, and cardigans and I happen to be the best of friends. This cardigan is a favorite of mine recently - love the colors in it (and for those of you who like it but aren't pregnant-you can definitely still wear it!) I also picked up this one ....more