The Fire Pit

Hey! How ya been? Boy, how time flies, yo?I know, I know ....more

Birthday Party#70: A Super Girl Party

Little Bean calls me Super Mom, but my super powers were called into question as I planned her Super Girl-themed 10th birthday party. Truth be told, I know nothing about super heroes. Nothing ....more

Assault by Bug Repellent

Friday is supposed to be a good day. It’s the fun day of the week I look forward to. This particular Friday was one I was really looking forward to ....more

Who Knew?

This was delivered in my Super Mail today (slipped under my bedroom door) while I was away at class by Super Girl (also known as Little Bean). It says:If you are in the age of 13-20 there are 2 jobs open at the super office.Attention! Super Tuna's mother has passed away ....more

September In Numbers

I offer you September in Numbers: A Snapshot of a Family Schedule Color Guard/Marching Band Rehearsal...more

Case of the Mid-Term Crazies

I was in week six of an eight week semester in college when our house succumbed to fire three years ago. Like the Little Engine That Could, I kept moving on the track determined to succeed. I took extensions on the two courses I was in because I was just sure that when the fog cleared and I'd had some sleep, the memories of what I'd learned in those courses would return ....more

Remember That One Time?

The Boy: Remember how you told me I was going to Monterey that one time?Me: No. How?The Boy: With the glass bottle? Remember?Me: (blank stare)The Boy: We were at the corner restaurant having dinner, and I took my little sister to the bathroom or something, and when I came back to the table the waitress brought me a message in a bottle ....more

A Sweet 12th Birthday

Here it is, our 69th birthday party. Rough Stuff loves candy. She magically acquires a steady stream of suckers ....more

It Happens (To Us)

Heads up: there is a graphic photo at the end of this postThe past seven days have been absolutely ridiculous. I mean, even for our herd. We're talking high level ridiculousness ....more

Sneak Attack

My beloved daughter, Tuna is plagued by a bully. This bully, Gravity, has been picking on her since she first started walking. Gravity just can't let her be, always planning a sneak attack and dropping her to the ground without mercy or compassion ....more