A Sweet 12th Birthday

Here it is, our 69th birthday party. Rough Stuff loves candy. She magically acquires a steady stream of suckers ....more

It Happens (To Us)

Heads up: there is a graphic photo at the end of this postThe past seven days have been absolutely ridiculous. I mean, even for our herd. We're talking high level ridiculousness ....more

Sneak Attack

My beloved daughter, Tuna is plagued by a bully. This bully, Gravity, has been picking on her since she first started walking. Gravity just can't let her be, always planning a sneak attack and dropping her to the ground without mercy or compassion ....more

Remembering Pa

The smell of burlap and old wood drifts into my memories every 4th of July. I've been afraid of fireworks for as long as I can remember but still, the 4th of July is a day of fond memories for me. I've wrestled with this irony for some time now and I think I've finally settled on what it is that draws me back to warm chunks of nostalgia every year ....more

A Letter to the Pyros

Dear Fireworks Lovers Everywhere,We need to have a little talk. A come-to-Jesus meetin' if you will. See, I have a little problem with your choice method of celebration ....more

Birthday Party #68

The Fish is turning 14 and she could think of only one direction for her party to take- that's right, ONE DIRECTION! Like, HARRY STYLES! O. M. G!Yup ....more

Finish Line, aka The Last Day of School

We've crawled to the finish line. That is to say, we've survived another school year. We've made it ....more

Super Sidekick

Little Bean: This is THE X-MOTION SUPER-RACING CAR. I added the...more

Throwback Thursday- Kitchen

Insurance inventory spreadsheets still dominate much of our time and conversation each week and the lack of siding on our house is a constant reminder that we are still in fire recovery- two and a half years later.Sometimes, when it feels like we will never be completely recovered, it helps to take a look back at where we've been and then take a good look at where we are now.In honor of Throwback Thursday, let's take a look at the kitchen.This was our kitchen, post-fire, fall of 2011. The darkness at the top of this photo is not shadowing- it is soot. This scene left me speechless and in tears.This was our kitchen, post-fire, mid-demolition, in the spring of 2012 ....more

A Day Fit For A Momma

Photos with my lovely children- it's the one thing I ask for every Mother's Day. This year, the plan was to take a little lunch out to an urban setting and watch my kids romp and run while I snapped photo after photo to my heart's content. I planned to have little Mason jars full of lemon cake and lemon curd topped with fresh buttercream frosting, looking all hip against a backdrop of concrete and artful graffiti, perfect children posed just so.Nobody cares about my plans ....more