Birthday Party #70, I Think

Is this #70? 71? I don't even know anymore.Here is what I do know:I know that my sweet little Fish turned 15! ...more

It's Over

I read these words in my email last week: “…we have settled this claim in full with _________.” The rest went on to discuss attorney’s fees and public adjuster’s fees and other legalities. So, we've settled our claim against our insurance company. We were told that the insurance company felt they had given us quite a gift with the payout of our total claim ....more


Overheard from one of the herd:"One of the families over in the duplexes owns a pig!They brought it to the bus stop.It was so cool!Check it out.I smell like pig!" ...more

Our Rustic Family Office Makeover

Spring has been full of fun projects here! I really just want to share a ton of photos here so I'll make a long story really short. Stop laughing! ...more


An update on Operation Rebuild is long overdue. Yes, we are still putting the house back together. Sometimes it feels as if we'll always be putting the house back together ....more

About Hanging On and Letting Go

I am going to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, when I was fourteen and thought I was fat and clumsy (youth is totally wasted on the young), I found myself participating in an experiential leadership group. We called the group simply, Ropes ....more

Puppy Love

The Big Guy and I have been talking about puppies for quite some time now. As in, we should get one. It was time ....more

A Year of Good Things

On New Year's Eve, we once again opened our family's Good Things jar. All year long, the jar sits in our living room with slips of paper and a pen nearby. Every member of the herd is welcome to write a good thing on a piece of paper when a good thing happens, and then drop it into the Good Things jar for safe keeping until the last day of the year ....more

The Fire Pit

Hey! How ya been? Boy, how time flies, yo?I know, I know ....more

Birthday Party#70: A Super Girl Party

Little Bean calls me Super Mom, but my super powers were called into question as I planned her Super Girl-themed 10th birthday party. Truth be told, I know nothing about super heroes. Nothing ....more