Today I hobbled from store to store in a Santa hat, my elderly behaviour contrasting my childlike appearance....more

Violence Embraced

Every year around this time, films whose protaganist is a sadistic child air on television and every year I shake my head in disbelief. Do Home Alone 1 and 2 really pass as humour? Ha ha ha one of the idiotic burglars just got electrocuted. Ha ha ha the boy just pushed a suspended beam down the stairs, knocking the two burglars to the bottom....more

More Evidence that Christmas Music is Depressing

"A child shivers in the cold; let us bring him silver and gold." Yeah, usually when I hear that a child is freezing to death in the desert, my first inclination is to bring him silver and gold. You know, because a blanket isn't the kind of present you give Jesus unless the blanket is made of silver and gold, which would be an excellent insulator and it's also pretty posh. It would be heavy, but Jesus couldn't suffocate or get crushed because ... Well, he's Jesus! ...more

Why Blog?

Last November I started blogging regularly, mostly about my health issues. I'd been suffering with Post-Viral Syndrome, as well as pre-existing conditions. I had reached a breaking point and I needed to vent. ...more