New Blackface Not Fashionable; Still Racist

It seems a little silly, I suppose, to hope black women might be treated well in a misogynist industry. Racial discrimination is but one of the fashion industry's sins, and its sins against women are too numerous to explore here. And fashion is so frivolous, isn't it? Surely there are more pressing problems facing black womanhood....more

I actually wasn't really offended by this... Yeah, they could have just hired black models, but ...more

What's Wrong With a Dancing Soldier?

Last week, members of the Israeli Defense Force, who participated in a viral video dancing to Ke$ha’s “Tick Tock,” were reprimanded by military officials and sentenced to create an anti-dancing-in-the-military educational video to deter other soldiers with the urge to bust a move on You Tube. ...more

I thank everyone here for your comments and for alerting me to Andrew Sullivan's bias on this ...more

What we mean when we talk about confronting privilege

written by Tami, originally posted on What Tami Said  Privilege : a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all; prerogative: a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); "suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males" Why is it so difficult to acknowledge our privilege? ...more

The problem with black faces and books

crossposted from What Tami Said Why would a young adult (YA) book about a black girl with feature ...more

Sonia Sotomayor: The more things change, the more they stay the same

crossposted from What Tami Said The election of President Barack Obama heralded in a post-racial world, or so I'm told. Why then, does criticism of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor sound so much like the typical volleys thrown at high-achieving people of color? ...more

Why can't our first lady have sex with Mick Jagger?

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From a married lady to young, single sisters

Crosspost from What Tami Said It's funny the perspective that time gives. ...more

Our national sin: Roman not Paris

Remember back before the hype and noise of the 2008 presidential campaign. The media, not yet consumed with "bittergate" or "Bosniagate," was gnashing its teeth about our society's seeming reckless and unreasoned adoration for celebrity, above all else. The unholy poster girl of our addled minds was supposed to be Paris Hilton. What shallow and dull-witted society would worship a pantyless, dull-eyed heiress with no discernible talent? ...more

Five reasons to be bitter

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I found myself nodding throughout your entire post.  I'm pretty sure I looked like a bobble ...more

My black history: Little gifts

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