Teaching Kids About Safety: Sometimes It's the Stranger Who's in Danger

True: We may have been a smidge on the antisocial side when we stepped into the elevator that day. It had been a long afternoon. We didn’t say hello or ask how you were doing or pass out party favors and ask for song requests. We just settled our collective gaze on the floor. It didn’t occur to me that maybe you were waiting for me to say something. But I did pick up on your hostility when I sensed your head turn and aim right at our little three-person huddle. Not a quick gander, mind you. I don’t like being stared at. Moreover, it ain’t cool to stare at my offspring. So you were already giving me the heebies before you piped up with this: “HELLO to you, too. YEAH, I get it. Strangers are DANGER, right? Especially with ‘kids’ around.”...more
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