tv line-up

Blog Directorywith my headphones i'd rather listen to:time: 5:30 pmchannel: Fox Broadcasting Systemprogram: Malcolm in the Middleignoring: Apartment Eviolation: woman is yelling at her boyfriend on her bluetooth, at a voice level of 10...more


Blog Directoryrecipe for: wtf did I do (sunday)?if i follow this list maybe i’ll remember…i came home smelling like w----, there were cups all over, i’d ripped five new band dates playing from the newspaper , with black magic marker circled over…1 part of "what was i thinking"1 ounce of "who'd i give my number out to"2 ounces of "what did i lose there"...more

events /reactions

Blog Directorymonth of: aprilapril.5: i went to an open mic called Artichoke Haircut and i…chickened out of reading at it after i had eggs (plastic Easter ones) thrown at me before i got up to read; i took it as a bad omanapril.12: i saw the hunger games and i ...more

The Man in the Truck: Segment 25

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40ish men and 30ish women

Blog Directoryi can't figure out why i keep taking on plus 40ish guy's a breakdown of who:...more

This American Life: Wishlist

Blog Directoryi wish this american life would do stories on...RV's & Their 1. interior design owners of em drive all-nighters 3. answer to "i took a detour & ended up in..." playlists 10 camp food favoritesgeneral motors &...1.detroit in general 2. best test drives 3.what they got away with: unions before imports/after 5.its factory:urban exploring 6. in its future... the midwest......more


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5 toasts: cheers!

Blog Directoryif i had maybe three full bloody mary's (and if i really knew these people )this is what i'd have the nerve to get up and say:to the host of the Artichoke Haircut writer's series who threw plastic easter eggs out. i caught three: 1st had pennies & dimes, 2nd. a walt whitman poem & jelly beans, 3rd a condom & a slip of paper (sexual awareness month)...more

things i learned while camping

Blog Directory 1. im just as scared at night except there's less hospitals around. so i have an appreciation for the city because if someone broke in it wouldn't take an officer 30 m to get there 2.i like to wear colored jeans no matter where i if this means falling in a swamp then i guess it will be all the more noticeable on my purple jeans' butt 3....more

Mad Men

Blog Directorywhat i really hope will happen in season 5peggy will date the hot beatnick from last season and leave new york for san francisco where she thinks up slogans for the peace movementdon draper will have cut down on drinking and realized that he had affairs mostly when he drank . he will beg betty to take him back...more