Baked Cherry Tomato, Goat Cheese & Ricotta Dip

Everyone who comes to our house for dinner or shows up on-set to one of our studio shoot knows that we aren’t kidding when we say “come hungry”. Last week we had clients come to one of our shoots and as always, we give them basic directions, map, call-time info. In that email also said, “come hungry” ....more

Oven Roast Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Bacon, Mushroom & Ricotta

When we were first dating way back in 1996, our collective fascination and love for food was intense. Even aside from our busy 6-days-a-week work schedules, we still found time to obsess over ingredients that most of our friends found peculiar. Rather than head to the bar or night club, we were sizzling up the kitchen with late night dinner and new recipes ....more

Crispy Vietnamese Pork Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

When it comes to food, what makes Summer produce so significant isn’t always about heirloom tomatoes and stone fruits. Sure, we all love...more

Easy Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream: No Churn, 3 Ingredients

Making fresh ice cream doesn’t get easier than this. Smashed strawberries add so much fresh flavor and texture to this easy no churn, 3 ingredient ice cream strawberry ice cream recipe. ...more

Olive Oil Zucchini Layer Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

Let’s talk cake. We’ve had some in-depth conversations about some of our favorite desserts and why they always make their way onto our table. Cake holds a very high rank on our list, but only if it fits a few criteria ....more

“Inside a Watermelon” Margaritas – Fresh & Perfect For A Crowd

Our love for fresh watermelon this time of year grows as the watermelons become more sweet as they ripen on the vine. We went as far as to share our tip on spanking a watermelon to find the ripest and juiciest one. This technique has definitely helped us during our raging watermelon cravings while enduring...more

Fish Soft Tacos and Low Carb Zucchini “Tortillas”

Sometimes you just gotta experiment and take chances in the kitchen. We always are taking chances with new recipes, original ideas and these low carb zucchini “tortillas” are one of our surprise successes. Last week we shared our zucchini “soft” taco shells recipe or wraps made from grated zucchini and to our surprise, it was a huge hit on our Facebook page....more

No-Bake Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Peanut Butter Bars

If you love dark chocolate and peanut butter, then this no bake bar recipe is for you! How about a touch of sea salt to bring out all the flavors? This recipe for no bake dark chocolate peanut butter bars are for you and for every single party, bbq, gathering or occasion to share with your friends and family ....more

Easy, No Churn Creamy Caramel Macchiato Coffee Ice Cream

We all have our vices and I’m certainly not immune to reaching into my stash of food vices when I need a pick me up. A few years ago I wrote about...more

Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream: No Churn, 3 ingredients

Ditch the ice cream maker and be ready to have your mind blown on this easy chocolate ice cream recipe. All you need are...more