The True History of Halloween

The truth about "Halloween" This is the history....more

What is the Kingdom of God?

God's Kingdomis when he becomes ruler of the earth. Its like today, but we have more than one ruler for each country. Basically The rulers are the government authorities. So when God's Kingdom comes mention in Matt. 6:9,10.

Who is Almighty God?

Just like when you get to know a person and they are becoming your friend, you get to know their name and that person right? The same is with Almight God. If you want to be his friend then you need to learn his Name and get to know him better.what is his name according to the bible? some bibles take out his name. Ps83:18- says his name is Jehovah. Jesus said when on earth "there is one God, the Father." 1Cor. 8:6. Did you know that the word "Trinty" is not even in the bible? Jesus never claimed to be the same as God. instead he worshiped God. Luke 22:41-44...more