Happy #BiVisibilityDay

I know, I’ve crossed into hashtagging post titles. I’ve gone to the Dark Side. (Or maybe I’m already there ....more

SIGNAL BOOST: Black Girl Magic Lit Mag seeking submissions

This post popped up on my Tumblr dash, so I wanted to make sure others saw it. If you know a black woman who writes speculative/experimental fic about black women (or if you are one) – this might be for you! http://writingcareer.com/post/129444604911/black-girl-magic-lit-mag-is-s... I am always pleased to see any sort of publication that looks to amplify voices that you don’t normally get to read in mainstream – if you see any other similar notices, let me know so I can share them here ....more

Blocked someone on Twitter? Maybe Not Completely.

So I was browsing my Twitter feed when I started to see a friend of mine tweet at someone I’ve blocked. (Yes, you can probably guess who it was that I’ve blocked on Twitter) We have a lot of mutual friends on social media, but I haven’t seen ANYTHING in a year. So I’m assuming this is due to some new change with Twitter ....more

Patriot Day.

Sitting down on the curb yesterday, Oldest Kidlet (now a fourth grader) looked over at me. “Tomorrow’s Patriot Day, Mom. I need to wear red, white or blue.” He paused ....more

#KidletBros: First Impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0

So yesterday, BIL and his girlfriend surprised the KidletBros with Disney Infinity 3.0. The Saga Bundle (w/ Boba Fett!) and a bunch of figures to get them started – it’s their birthday and Christmas present from them. (I should point out it was only a surprise to the Kidlets, they’d asked us ahead of time if it was okay) What they got – the Saga Bundle, which included Boba Fett and the Twilight of the Republic playset (which came with Anakin and Ahsoka) and the Classic Trilogy. Then they bought Sabine, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Olaf and a set of SW power discs ....more

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.10 “Status Asthmaticus”

Well, we’ve made it through a whole season – so it’s time for the last Whitney Watches for Teen Wolf’s Season 5A. What did I think? Did we finally get some answers? ...more

[VIDEO] Teen Wolf 5.08 “Oroboros”

It’s that time already, time for another edition of Whitney Watches. For those new to my blog, for this series of video I pick a show and take a critical look at each episode and the series overall. I talk about the events of the episode, things from the past that have paid off, and where I think things will go in the future ....more

That isn’t a compliment. Really.

So I shared a vlog two days ago, and was excited… because I had a killer thumbnail in which the lighting was great, my makeup was great, and so was my hair. I think I might have told just about everyone who lives in this house that my makeup game was on point. See? ...more

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.07 “Strange Frequencies”

This video covers episode seven of this season – “Strange Frequencies” So if you’re a fan, who has watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. It’s filled with spoilers, and I assume that you’ve watched the series for this discussion. (If you haven’t watched the episode yet, go watch it, and come back!) The episode titles have been pretty much on point this season- this one is based in Lydia’s theory that you could disrupt the Dread Doctors using certain frequencies ....more

My blog is 6 now.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about knowing that. But I was looking at early blog posts, and wham. My first blog post was August 1, 2009 ....more