Does Rush Limbaugh Hate Working Moms?

Whitney Moss blogs at Rookie Moms and serves on the board of Help A Mother Out, an Oakland-based grassroots organization dedicated to getting diapers to women in need....more
Typical. What is most despicable about people like Limbaugh is they would rather see innocent ...more

Back to School: 10 Great Rain Gear Choices

I'm not an experienced "Back to School" shopper. In fact, my son is entering public Kindergarten, so for us, this is really "Off to School" shopping. And when you shop in September, it is tempting to load up on shorts and t-shirts. I mean, that's what he's wearing right now -- and they're on sale.But I'll try not to forget that Fall weather is around the corner and soon we'll be stuffing jeans into rainboots and wrestling umbrellas into buckets next to the door. It's time to shop for rain gear as well....more

Those Vincent boots are so, SO cute!


Bryony Boxer


Fall birthdays and Kindergarten entrance and why I feel bullied by the yuppies

In eight months, my now 4-year old son will be ready to enter Kindergarten. He can already read hundreds of words, type the names of all of his friends at school, sit and listen to a performance for over an hour, and follow a series of directions to accomplish a task.  But he’s not going to Kindergarten next year.  Why not? Because no one else is going. ...more