On Blogging.

I've been thinking about how blogging has changed so much with the times, so here is a little question for you guys. I personally don't read blogs anymore, and haven't for years .... so I was wondering about you! ...more

Pop Its

Growing up with my brother Luke,there was never a dull moment. I can't see these Pop Its and not think of this story....more

An Opportunity

Last week during a layover at DFW we ran into a friend from church who was on our same flight back to Tulsa. We had a delay, so we sat next to her and chatted while we waited. They were trying to find us another plane as something was wrong with the one we were going to be on ....more

4/4 and Turning 4!

My baby boy is four. Happy Birthday, Ezra Ray! I remember the day you were born, they held you up over the curtain and you screamed with all your little might ....more

PJ Masks Party!

Our little Ezra Ray is turning four soon and asked for a PJ Masks birthday party. ...more

Resurrection Sunday

I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating our Risen King! Here's a little glimpse into ours...through the lens of an iPhone. ...more


I love this time of year! ...more


I've had a dozen questions about these shoes since I posted a pic of them on Instagram after Christmas. The weather has finally been warm enough this week to bust them out, so I can officially answer your Q's! Here's my personal review....more

We have had

We have had a wonderful holiday season! ...more

Halloween 2015!

I was looking through old photos of Halloween's past and could not believe that this was Levi's SEVENTH Halloween. ...more