How to Be an Adult


Why I Write...It's Cheaper Than Therapy


Then and Now

 When I was 12, I was embarrassing:  When I got back from summer vacation and entered junior high, nobody recognized me. This is because I'd previously looked like a big dork with a ponytail and now looked like this: ...more

Book Review: The Blind Contessa's New Machine

This Week I'm Sharing:The Blind Contessa's New Machine...more

Pietra Serena


Things Ants, Flies and Maggots Like

 It's Wednesday, which means it's time to link up to Budget Blonde's This is {Wherever} Wednesday!  This is a chance for me to share a story that's characteristic of our island ...more
@victorias_view I know! I can handle ants, but I just can not do maggots. EWWW!!!!!!more

A Girl's Worst Nightmare

@victorias_view That's awesome! Sounds like you and your Mom have a great relationship. :) ...more