Loving with a Whole Heart

I think it's time I explain where the name for my business, Whole Heart, came from. I began my company under a different name back in 2011 and my business evolved really quickly. I struggled to think of a name that encompassed all that I was offering and all that I envision for the families I served....more

Dear "New Hope"

Dear Fertility Massage "Therapist", I think you should know that I left after my appointment last night very upset. I booked an appointment for a fertility massage to decrease stress and increase bloodflow. I certainly did not want what I got. First, I think it's important that you realize that your story or anyone else's story will not necessarily be the client's story....more

The Faux Hippie's Guide to Fertility: Eastern Meets Western

"On the road again"...the lyrics of that incredibly annoying honky-tonk country song pop into my head when I think about the next few weeks for me. I've taken a month break from my fertility journey and although it felt REALLY good (I mean REALLY REALLY good), it also started to feel as though I'd given up and so I'm on the road again starting today....more

I Have "Big Hairy Bat Balls"

A few years ago I worked at a hospital in a self-managed department of about 12-14 staff members. We were pretty successful running things on our own, but we wanted to grow as a department and we felt like bringing in a director was the best move to make that happen. Long story short, we ended up hiring someone with amazing credentials, extensive professional background, and was a person who we felt could take our department to the next level....more

"F" Fertility!

This month, and maybe the month or two after, will be my "F Fertility!" months. This mama-to-be needs a break! That's right, I said it, "mama-to-be". I am not a "hopeful mamma" or "currently trying". I am a mama-to-be because I know deep down that I will be a mama someday, somehow, someway. I just know it. But, for right now...F fertility!F running out of work every few days just to rush through traffic to get to the doctor's office in time for my 400th ultrasound!...more

I can PLAY with my baby?

"My baby is only 2 months, what do you mean by play?" I hear this statement from parents alot and it always makes me wonder, how many mothers and fathers are missing out on playtime during those first few months of life? Another statement I hear all too frequently is, "I can't wait 'til they're bigger and we can play." ...more

Who Says Babies Don't Come with a Manual?

“Who Says Babies Don’t Come With a Manual?"This blog is written from the perspective of the newborn baby to his/her loving parents. ...more

Am I Not a "Mama" Too?

I am the middle child of two other sisters. The three of us are very different from one another, but very close. When we were growing up, my mom used to ask us what we wanted to be when we were older and according to her, I always replied, "A mama." Now there were phases I went through where I would say a circus performer, a fashion designer, or a zoologist, but at the core, I always wanted to be a mama. ...more
I love this, I've written similar articles.  Just think, "Mothers Heart" and we have one.more

The Pinterest Mom

A friend of mine had a party for her two year old this past fall (her adorable, highly articulate, and abnormally verbal 2 year old, lol). The theme was "Barnyard" or "Farm" because this little girl, like many 2 year olds, loves animals! The decor at this party was out of this world. A chocolate cake outlined with kit kat bars that resembled a mud hole, complete with little pink fondant pigs face down in the mud and even backstroking through the chocolate. There was no question my dear friend had looked to Pinterest. Pinterest has become a phenomenon....more

The Parents of 2014

How many of you remember your mothers packing your lunch for you for school when you were young? You opened up that brightly colored plastic tote every day and found one of the following things in one variation or another. You might have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on wheat if your parents were health nuts), a fruit roll up or a snack pack, a capri sun or a juice box, and maybe a piece of fruit, but most likely you had a bag of chips or cheetos. Some kids had spaghettios in a thermos or even a (dare I say it? ) a lunchable? Yikes!...more