More on Anxiety, and How It Affects Me Personally

Mara Wilson (of Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda fame) wrote a blog post dedicated to Robin Williams and it's absolutely perfect and everything you hoped it would be. Originally, she had stated that she was taking a break from social media to take it all in and deal with her loss privately (and kudos to her for that) ....more

Optimistic Morbidity

I think about death a lot. Not in a you-should-be-worried sort of way, but in a morbid capivation sort of way. Desiree, who did my star chart, would not at all be surprised by this: she already knew that I spent a lot of time thinking not only about my own impending death, but about death in general ....more

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday gave me a bit of a revitalization. I had been a little burned out in writing. I blamed it on a multitude of things - lack of a social life (and therefore, a lack of content on...more

Robin Williams, The Act of Suicide, and The Vilification of Mental Illness

I've thought for some time on attempting to write a semi-eloquent post about mental illness. I'd sit down, resolved to end up with something good, tap a few words out, start a post, and something would seem off, so I'd scrap the whole thing and move on to write about my dog. Or shoes ....more

The Realities of Being an Adult: Losing Grandparents

My Memaw passed away around 5:30 this morning. She's been living in Oklahoma City for a while now, and I was able to get over there and see her on Sunday - I thank God for that. We lost my Pepaw (her husband) in 2010, and I'm not sure that I expected her to last much longer beyond that ....more

Another Manic Monday (but really)

You know you've turned into a crappy blogger when your uncle calls you out on it. What can I say, I've got the same excuse as everyone else: sometimes life gets in the way. And sometimes you don't do a whole lot worthy of talking about ....more

Things That Happened While I Wasn't Writing

Okay, so pretty much, I suck. + I went to Pittsburgh. A friend of mine that I bartended with for all of forever was getting married to a beautiful girl from Pennsylvania, so we all packed up and headed north ....more

I Believe That We Will Win

Admittedly, I was never a soccer gal growing up. I never played, but I had a few manfriends that did, so most of my involvement with soccer was purely shallow in that I really like the way men's legs look in shin guards and tall socks (which I don't think rises to the level of fetish, but I'd probably need a ruling on it). The first...more

Tales from a Crybaby

True life: I'm a crybaby. I'm not really sure when it happened, because for as long as I can remember, I poked fun at people who openly wept for movies (also, karma. that's probably why I'm a crybaby now) ....more