Why Can't I Have a Chicken?

The evolution of 'me' has been quite dramatic. Way back in 1997 when I became pregnant with my first child...and to put that in a little perspective I had one of the first ever electronic bottle warmers available in our town - I put it next to the butter churner and printing press......I was all about the extreme nesting habits. I spent hours canning. I canned pears. Carrots. Pickles. I bought the produce at the grocery store in the CITY we lived in, then canned them - but I was being domestic. ...more

What is your relationship with your mother?

Awhile back a reader asked me to elaborate on my relationship with my mother, given that I used strong language and stabbed things whenever I mentioned her in my blog posts. This led me to write the first installment of my "Mommy Dearest" posts and eventually, to a place of peace. Pasted from Why Mom Drinks Rum ___________________________ ...more

What the......

I have no idea what the crap this is all about. I've been....uhm.....blogging? for about a year. This is new....a gathering place for girly bloggers. Hmmm. OK. I'll bite.  Anything to give me an excuse to not work, while at work.  Excuse me, I'm off to explore. See you on the other side...... ...more