The New Kindle Fire: Do We Love It?

There's a new gadget out there, just in time for holiday shopping.  But is the Kindle Fire right for you?   ...more
My 2 1/2 year old does great with it. My 1 1/2 year old has even gotten his hands on it and ...more

Are women with advanced breast cancer living longer?

Susan Niebur (@WhyMommy) writes about surviving cancer, space science, and work/life balance at, ...more

Changing the conversation about cancer

After a weekend workshop with 800 energetic, amazing, committed women (including 8+ incredible bloggers and 30+ awesome metastatic women) fired up to fight for the END of breast cancer at the National Breast Cancer Coalition Advocacy Training Conference, I have new energy and new spirit and new FIGHT in me, both against this horrible disease in my own body and against its formation of tumors and spread in bodies (called metastasis) in genera...more

A big day for a little spacecraft: @MESSENGER2011

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and the crowd of nearly 400 waited expectantly in the Kossiakoff auditorium at APL. Irish dancing music was piped into the auditorium as recorded interviews of Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Eric Finnegan, and Eric Calloway played on the giant screen, reviewing the six planetary gravity assists, the five deep space maneuvers, and the big idea to add solar sailing that arose as the spacecraft approached the first Mercury flyby....more

Fly to Saturn with this amazing video!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly into space?  I mean WAY into space?  Although humans aren’t ready to go back to the Moon or to Mars, we have sent out dozens of spacecraft to the planets and beyond.  Most of the instruments send back data that scientists analyze and tell us what it means.  But on almost every mission, there is also a camera — so that everyone can be part of the experience.  Check out this new video from NASA’s Cassini spac...more

Sneaking out to see the stars

“Mama, let’s go outside to see the stars!”  My hopeful four-year-old smiled eagerly at me as he padded over in his footie pajamas, hopeful for a last-minute reprieve from bedtime.  “Not tonight, sweetie,” I said, “we’ve already read your books and tucked you in.  I’ll be back to snuggle you in a moment.”  I smiled as I tucked in my six-year-old, tousled his blond hair, and gave him an extra hug.  I knew that they just wanted to stay up a little later, but with daylight savings time starting tonight, I had to be the parent and say no. ...more

Oh, that first visit to the planetarium -- so magical! I wonder what she'll think of IMAX when ...more

Join BlogHer and the Army of Women to Fight Breast Cancer: Sign Up to Blog on October 1

One in eight women will get breast cancer. But you know that, right? You walk in the fund-raising walks, you do your self-exams, and you worry about your friends who find a lump or start treatment at an early age. October floods the shelves with cutesy pink ribbons, yogurt lids, and vacuums, and you roll your eyes in private at all the attention given to breast cancer awareness. You're AWARE already, and lament that with all the attention and funding given to breast cancer, there should be a cure by now. ...more

Done and done.

This one's for the ...more

From awareness... to action!

There are as many ways to fight cancer as there are types of cancer. You know that. You've already been touched by cancer, and your sharp, sharp memories are in many cases what moved 35,000 of you to read, and 350 of you to comment on my last post. Your words are powerful. As I read the comments, I felt your pain, your frustration, and your triumph in overcoming the wounds left by this beast....more

In the name of awareness (the FB color meme)

If you're on Facebook, you've seen the meme going around the past couple of days. Women the world over are posting colors to their status updates. Lots of black, some pink, some white, a virtual rainbow. It's a game that several of my circles (high school, local friends, blogging friends) are playing right now, and it looked cute if harmless. I wanted to play....more


You are beautiful.

I know that everyone around these parts of the blogosphere is all shredding, and EA-activing, and Wii-fitting, and getting HASAY in time for BlogHer, but I just have one thing to say, and I’d like you to hear me out. You are beautiful, just the way you are. ...more