Why Are These Girls Running? We Asked Them

Why Not Girl! interviewed the amazing women who participated in Title Nine’s 9K Run Series in the Bay Area. Watch as they shared why they said Why Not! to this race and running in general.Watch the Video...more

I’m Too Slow for Run Clubs, and That’s Ok

I typically run around a 10 minute mile. Even as a high school basketball player, I’ve never been terribly quick so I see my pace as being more of a comfortable stride that keeps me out there doing 5Ks and perhaps the annual 10-miler or half marathon. To be honest, I’m quite happy with my speed. So when Chris and I moved here to the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw the local run clubs at two nearby athletic stores as not only being a way to find some new running trails, but also to meet new people....more

Your butt will thank this girl and her game for looking great

This week’s Why Not Girl! of the Week is Victoria Simmonds, a professional squash player and tournament director for the 2013 L.A. Open, which is the first time the Women’s Squash Association(Singles Tour) and the Women’s Doubles Squash Association will join forces to host two events under one roof....more

#WhyNotWeekend Challenge: Volunteer

Happy Friday, Ladies!  Well, watching the news lately you could be convinced that the world has gone mad. But with all of the bad, there is definitely a lot of good. So, in honor of the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and our Why Not Girls!...more

These Volunteers Prove That a Bucket, Some Elbow Grease and Can Make a Big Difference after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, relief efforts were underway almost immediately....more

Should I Stay in My PJs All Day?

So the cold weather is coming and I like nothing more then wearing comfy clothes and snuggling on the couch. Are you someone that could wear your P.J’s all day and not feel guilty? Is this something that everyone should do once in a while or is it just a waste of a day?...more