A Million Jagged Pieces

I will never be able to explain the difference between a day I am able to breath and I feel as though I am moving on gracefully, and a day I am completely stricken with grief and can only be described as hot mess....more

There's no connection like a widow connection

Last night was my friends husbands two year "angelversary" (the cute word a widow, probably Taryn, made up to soften the blow of what it really is - the day our husband died). For this, Kelly and I went to Tiffany's house to celebrate Brad's life through board games, pizza, and Patron shots. When you meet Tiffany (Brian's widow), or Kelly, or any of the widows I've gotten close to, your first reactions go something like this:"Wow, she's pretty."...more

I Love You Always. Always. Always. Always. Happy 6th Anniversary My Angel.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Not only was it college orientation, but my 6th wedding anniversary. I have to say, it makes me happy when my widowy anniversaries (we have many - death, life, marriage, etc.) land on days I'm busy with something else. Yesterday was perfect. I was able to think of him but just before I'd allow myself to get overly upset, I had to focus on something for school.Orientation was easier than I expected. I always blow things up in my mind."What if I cant find the building?"...more
Karie, your posts are always so eloquent.  I have no idea what it is to live what you've been ...more

My Rings - To wear or not to wear.... and who cares?

Since my husband passed, people have asked me on separate ocassions when I will stop wearing my rings. They have also asked why I still wear them now and why some days I don't....more