Thought of the day...

Is it better to live in captivity?  Or to go extinct in the wild?Are we using a captive habitat as an excuse to "balance" habitat destruction? ...more

A slow implosion

Everyone needs a friend at work.  Or a friend at home who knows what your work is like.  Or just a friend.I have found myself friendless.Okay, in the world of social media, text messaging, facetime and gchat, we are never truly friendless.  We can stay connected in even the most disconnected friendships.  But nothing will truly be the same as having someone there to sit down with, have a beer with, and who understands....more

Man-friendly quick food

So for the last few days I have been on a lentil kick.  I bought a bag of lentils on a whim mostly because I'm bored and I miss cooking.  So the past two "big" dinners I made were Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup (delicious!) and Lentil Tacos.  The hubby was less than pleased (soup is not dinner?!).  So tonight I am making an easy-peasy man pleasing healthy meal that we can enjoy on the balcony since it is 94 degrees out and will get down to maybe 80 by dinnertime but less buggy.  It is November.I am NOT used to Florida....more

Stop saying "I'm fat" when you aren't...

This morning I was trolling facebook when I was stopped by one of my acquaintence's status.  It regarded the supposed inaccuracies of someone's description of her as "small and organized."  She said "I am anything but small"... as her profile picture shows her in what I can only assume to be size 1 jeans.  And it made me immediately self-conscious....more

What's wrong with being the smart girl?

High school will ALWAYS come back to haunt you.  Seriously.  Sorry kids.I was always the smart girl.  Top of the class.  Won all the awards.  That girl.  Even saying it now irritates me.  And makes me a little bit proud.  ...more

Mo money mo problems

For at least the last 10 years, I have lived my life the way I wanted to live.  Yes, there was that period of time where I became a moral contortionist for the wrong guy, but in general I spent my money the way I wanted, cooked what I wanted, slept when I wanted, and went where I wanted.And then I got married....more

The professional vs personal life facebook struggle

Professionalism has smacked me in the face this week.I guess I had this idealistic thought that I could be my crazy, goofy, awkward self in all aspects of my life.  My privacy settings on facebook are based on a creepy stalker history and not on deterring future employers.  They should appreciate me for me...right?...more
I tend to do the same with Facebook and LinkedIn.  I make sure not to friend any of my staff and ...more

Name Changer Game Changer

I am one of those girls who has been planning my wedding since I was 11.  Seriously.  And when it came, it was exactly how I had wanted it for all of those years- perfect, sparkley and princess-worthy...even though I'm 28 and my coworkers describe me as "not that girly."...more

Reflections on 1 week of marriage

Well we did it.  My love and I got married in a historic church, with lots of DIY touches, and a handlebar moustache.  Well, he had the moustache.  But we enjoyed every single minute of it and I believe our friends and family did too, but more on the wedding itself later.  Today I wanted to focus on my marriage.  I have been married 1 week and 1 day, and already I've noticed a few things that have changed that nobody really told me about.  Maybe it's just me?...more

C is for Cooking...Courage...and the Call of the Wild

I bet you're wondering how all of these things are related.  Maybe this post is going to be about some scary recipe I conquored with game meat.  Maybe it's going to be about cooking over the camp fire under some sort of diress.  Maybe, it's going to be more stories from the road and random thoughts.  Sorry folks.  ...more