Back to School Already!

DD~8 is still wondering what happened summer vacation. If she could drive a car her license plate ring would read: "I Rather Be Catching Lizards." This year DD~8 and DD~14 will be homeschooling through K12's virtual academy. I know some homeschool parents view the public school/homeschool option as an anathema to the freedom to homeschool, but for me K12 is an answer to my need for outside accountability and student independence. READ MORE AT WildIris  ...more

What is Self-directed Learning and Self-learning When Homeschooling?

Our homeschool operation is teacher-directed and teacher intensive but necessary for my young elementary age child. Yet this approach of teacher- directed learning leads to friction with my newly minted teenage daughter. What my teen daughter and I need to cultivate is more self-directed learning and self-learning and less teacher-directed learning....more

Blogging: Words that Matter A Personal Thought

A single word that could change my life: Multitask. If I could have an octopus of a mind capable of doing eight thing at once what a wonder I would be. Read More>  Read my Blog: Homeschool Reviews and Resources ...more

Chemo Hats for Chemotherapy

"1,529,560 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2010"...more

My Christmas Ornaments

This is one of the Christmas ornaments I made to sell on Etsy. She is handmade by me! Come visit my small shop~Filo Dea.  ...more

Because Cheap is How We Feel Handcrafting and Handcrafted Gifts

Because Cheap is How We Feel...more

Arts and Crafts Gift Giving for Kids

Hand made gifts are a treasure. I love it when my kids take the time to think about who they want to give a gift to. Together we brain stom about this special person and what they enjoy or what they do and how a gift could be made that would suit them....more

Head Lice~Non-Toxic Remedy

Thinking about head lice makes my head itch. With twenty years of parenting experience and four children I assumed I’d seen most every kind of kid bug and ailment known to parenthood. I was mistaken.. ...Read More  Read my Blog: Homeschool Reviews and Resources ...more

Find the Right Glasses and Sunglasses for Your Round Face

Finding the right sunglasses for your round face or prescription eye glasses online can be a challenge. With so many choices and styles,  knowing the shape of your face will help narrow your choices. More  Read my Blog: Homeschool Reviews and Resources ...more

Homeschool Planning Made Easy

Homeschool planning made easy. If you are new to homeschooling and using a scripted curriculum, a veteran homeschooler who designs their own courses of study, or an unschooler planning a school year, most homeschoolers would agree that time spent during the summer planning a homeschool year can head-off the chaos...More  ...more