A Kick In The Butt

I Love My Dentist

Little M did awesome at the dentist. I lost sleep over nothing....more

Yours, Mine, Ours

Little M's newest phase is an obsession with possessions -- My car! Mommy's book! Daddy's drink!Helping me with the laundry he correctly identifies each piece of clothing and who it belongs to before placing it in the washer -- Mommy's shirt. Grrr's pants. Daddy's sock.Helping me make pumpkin bread he points at each loaf -- Mommy's. Daddy's. Hmmmm, no. Mommy's. Little M's....more
Oh you captured that possession concept so well! My little boy started the same chattering ...more

Halloween By The Book

There she is -- Little M's first pumpkin. Not that he really helped out much. I was in charge of design, Brian did most of the labor, and Little M supervised. He absolutely refused to put his hands anywhere near those nasty pumpkin guts. Maybe next year....more