How I got to Honesty

My daughters like clothes shopping with me; they feel safe because I am honest. I used to cringe every time they said that; most of my life I could hardly ever be called honest and I felt that my dishonesty had made me more treacherous than safe....more

someone said that and it's true but it's hard to do. The most important truth is the truth you ...more

A new world, a new Community

Be the change you want to see. So what is stopping us from ending the gruesome wars, world hunger and pollution? Marianne Williamson keeps saying we are not trying hard enough to be the change that we seek. I agree and I would like to add that we actually haven't a clue how to be the change that we want to see and that we are not looking hard enough either....more

Community is Dead; Long live Community

Money as a currency is not evil, but society's illusion that money is our primary and only currency IS evil. To give us the illusion that to be safe and secure we need lots of money to buy our independence is a cruel myth. Because of that very obsession with independence we live fearfully and alone and we are NOT splendidly playing a big game....more

And while I can't be your in person "driver" if the time comes for you to need such a thing, ...more

All Conversations are not equal in Intimacy

I find it very exciting to finally see HOW I can now choose to manifest myself as a great base camp by connecting intimately with my friends and family or HOW I can choose to ignore my lack of conversation skills and thus continue to go it alone and stay small. It is useful to realize that through conversation;...more

Questions, the door to our hearts

When I first met my partner John's parents I expected at least some questions. But I got none. Not getting a single question made me feel really uneasy; it made me feel unwelcome, as if they did not care about me, as if I did not count. Of course they cared but the fact that they never asked anything made it very hard for me to give them some information about the woman their son was living with....more

Intimacy happens through listening; How well do we listen?

Listening is a very powerful skill. I, as base camp benefit hugely from excellent listening skills as they create intimacy and a shared understanding with my sponsors. And listening ultimately allows for coordinating effective actions that make me fly....more

Making requests, an underestimated skill

Writing about making requests has proven hard and really shows me I am severely lacking in this skill. Last week's post took me several attempts and this one has taken a long time too....more

Hate making Requests? Better get over it, They are the Key to having You Fly

This little baby bird in its nest beside our front door is totally dependant on others for her survival and she knows it. There is no doubt about that when you see this beak and its clear request for food! She goes for it, no hesitation....more

Hi Maria

It does make a difference once you have developed the skills of making ...more

What happens when instead of an old fashioned partner I become a sponsor.

In last week's post I wrote; "Great base camps understand sponsorship."...more

Accessing the wealth that has me BE a wealthy Base camp

I loved that the post, I am base camp resonated so strongly with so many of you who have read it. And given the comments from some of you on your own reluctance to look after yourself, it certainly looks like I am not alone here....more