Mom v. Mom: When Do You Let It Go?

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Michael Jackson’s Kids Get the Belt

There’s something that makes me all itc...more

If we're all writing, then who's reading?


If we only had four more hours in a work day. JUST FOUR MORE.(It's not too much to ask, ...more

Hooters: Lose Weight or Lose Job

Apparently, 135 pounds is too fat to wear orange bootie least according to Hooters restaurant. Cassandra Smith, 20, was told to lose weight or lose her job during her annual review at a Michigan Hooters restaurant. But hold on, at least Hooters was thoughtful enough to ...more

...and I love how Hooters listed "Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders or the Radio City Music Hall ...more

Between a Rock and Murder Talk

I know someone being charged with murder. ...more

I'm so sorry Jen. I totally "get" judging now, too. I was guilty of it--seeing people on TV or ...more

Tales from Below, Part 1: Looking Down From Above

In 2005 my life was pretty damn good. My husband and I lived a nice middle class life on the East Coast. We had a nice two-story colonial style home in the beautiful Northern Virginia horse country nestled right outside the Blue Ridge Mountains - a few minutes to the mountains, an hour to DC, only a little more than that to the Bay and then onto the ocean. We had 2 cars, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids, a home theatre in process and a KOI pond. We were the quintessential American family. Things were great. ...more

WRITER RAMBLINGS: I own a bookstore and you don't...

Jealous? Always been a dream of yours? Read my blog and you might change your mind. ...more

Where were you with that little fact BEFORE we opened?!? *wink*wink*

It's true, you are on ...more