Allergies - Symptom of Nature Disconnect

A Dreamer's Thanks

A word of gratitude for people and their dreams as we prepare for Thanksgiving Day.  Never say never.And for this man who is currently living my unrealistic dream of walking the US (after having walked the rest of the world, except Russia who kicked him out).  He was 29 when he started the journey in Chile in 1998 and is currently on the United States leg.  If you should cross his path, please bring water : ).  If he was anywhere near me, I'd love to share the road a bit for the inspiration....more

Lost and Found

During my first marathon distance walk three days ago I:LOST~ 3700 calories (according to MapMyWalk dot com).~ Skin from my right foot.~ Digestive regularity (everyone who has done a marathon warned me).~ The idea I could not complete a marathon, which I have been wanting to do since 2006 with Team in Training.  I even wore my 2006 Seattle Marathon T-shirt, the event I had to drop out of last minute due to injury.~ My asthma – I did not need my inhaler once with all the fresh air!FOUND...more
Congratulations! Love the simplicity of the lost/found lists -- and the heart and soul exposed ...more

Dawn to Dusk Pilgrimage

I did it.  Finally walked a marathon distance of 26 miles in a day, clearly not focused on speed.  I completed the distance in 10 hours....more

Future List: 10 Cool Things I Want To Do

What follows a reverse bucket list posted yesterday?  A future bucket list!  Skipping merrily over the present bucket list, which is happening so fast I can’t write about it, except to paraphrase Thich Nhat Hanh who says ‘we have every condition we need for joy in the present moment.’...more

Reverse Bucket List - 10 Cool Things I Did That I Hardly Remember

#1  Spent 2 weeks in Slovenia and saw the market square in Lubljana where I was stunned to find a statue of a poet and his muse instead of a politician.   ...more
The Brahms is lovely :) Great list!!more

Wing 3: Physical Health Through Nature Connection

[Part 3 of 4-part series on ecopsychology](Chuckanut Trail, Bellingham, WA - September 2013)1)  Walk....more

What If You Want a Different Dream?

"People in China, India, Vietnam, and other developing countries are still dreaming the 'American dream,' as if that dream were the ultimate goal of mankind--everyone has to have a car, a bank account, a cell phone, a television set of their own.  In 25 years the population of China will be 1.5 billion people, and if each of them wants to drive their own car, China will need 99 million barrels of oil every day. But world production today is only 84 million barrels per day.  So the American dream is not possible for the people of China, India, or Vietnam....more

Now For Something Completely Boring

A toss-and-turn full moon night’s sleep with a powerful dream instructing me to study Tibetan plant medicine (great! but how?).I awoke to expected news related to my job and thoughts about a grad school program I was accepted to in Clinical Informatics in but declined when I received a 2-year loan for $100,000 in 2010.  Even with tripled salary, that loan would not be paid before I kick the bucket....more

The Soup Hoarder

  (photo credit:  Soup Addict dot com)“Mom, I’m worried you are becoming a soup hoarder.”...more