Wine Can Chicken on the Grill

In the six years since we’ve lived in our home we’ve been under renovations: gutting here and there, moving walls, replacing flooring. Our latest project has been to construct a modest addition onto the back of our house, blow out the wall, and make room for a kitchen. A real kitchen with a gas stove a hood fan and an island, nothing like the minute space that came with the kitchen that could only house an eighteen inch stove....more

Asparagus and Ricotta Penne

Recently, at the age of forty-nine, I had braces put on my teeth. Or should I say little personalized torture devices? I am in the early stages of living with a host of metal in my mouth and it's a little uncomfortable to be sure. There are some positive aspects to living with braces, aside from the fact that my teeth will be perfect - right? - when the braces come off. I can no longer bite my nails, nor can I use my teeth to tear and knash at inanimate objects. Potato chips have lost their allure and there is less snacking and more eating of regular meals....more

Easy Dinner For Company

Company's coming - for the whole weekend. This can be a mixed blessing. We all like having our loved ones close enough to chat with over a cup of coffee while still in pijamas, but it can be a lot of work entertaining, cleaning, and cooking. I'm one of those people who likes everything to be in its place, so taking a step back and enjoying a little of the chaos that comes when my friends and family 'invade' my space isn't always easy. I'm getting better at it though. I no longer vacuum the front foyer incessantly while guests truck sand and dirt through my house....more

Wine To Try: Gewürztraminer.

Gewürztraminer. It’s a bit of a long name for a grape, unwieldy to pronounce, and granted a little foreign-looking with the dots over the mid vowel, but that is no reason to ignore it. Gewürztraminer makes a lush, aromatic white wine that is a treat to drink. Born of the hills in northern Italy where the grape is simply known as Traminer, it later had the prefix Gewürz (meaning spice) added to its name by the Germans in the middle ages.  Heady aromas of lychee, rose petal, orange peel, and nivea cream (yes, nivea cream) jump out of the glass....more

Introducing Raclette: Cheese, Glorious Cheese

I can't believe I've made it this far in life and not known about Raclette. Oh sure, I've heard the word, I've known it exists. I used to have a Swiss friend who would announce from time to time that she was having Raclette for dinner. I had no idea what that meant and always responded with something like, "Oh, that's great," or "Mmmm Raclette, that sounds yummy." Until now, Raclette has just been a two-syllable word to me....more
@BlogHerFood @onblank I hear ya ladies. It's hard to fly down a hill with a full wine glass anyway!more

Wine and Tomatoes

The tomato. It's a fickle fruit and in the winter when the offerings are firm, pale and tasteless, I find that roasting brings out some flavour; I have been doing this a lot over the past months and, quite frankly, it's one of the things I'm going to miss about winter. There is nothing like the aroma of roasted tomatoes wafting through the house as they slowly shrivel in the oven....more

Wine Plus March Madness

This weekend, I enjoyed some swirling, and swigging of wine over some March Madness madness.I started with this inexpensive rosé, which is a little heavy for a rosé, but when it's very cold is a refreshing drink. When the rosé was gone I had more than my fair share of this bottle from Creekside Estate Winery...more

Onion Rings & Chardonnay

  Just a Tuesday night's fare is all I have: Sriracha wings, sweet potato fries, oven baked onion rings, and some Chardonnay. I like what Argento I've had in the past. The Pinot Grigio, and the Malbec are easy drinking. So, why not the Chardonnay? Oh, and I think there was an Air Miles bonus on the bottle. Sometimes I'm a bit of a wine whore that way. Anyway......more


  It's a grape. A French hybrid. Red. Only grown in a few places such as: the Loire, New South Wales, south-west France, and Ontario. Not acutally legally allowed to be put into a wine bottle in France. Was in my glass on Saturday night. Not sure how I feel about it....more

Pasta and Chardonnay

  More. Pasta. It must be the cool of winter that has me craving cheese, meat, and wheaty noodles. This recipe is a little on the lighter side of things and it's from Dave's repertoire: linguini with clams. Easy, fast and good....more