The Beginning of The End

Today marks the end of the thirty day blogger challenge.  Yay!  I did it.  Today they have a suggested Daily Prompt:  Tell us how you feel about endings....more

USA Thanksgiving

I know the internet is being bombarded right now with blogs and such of Thanksgiving and being Thankful posts.  I don't always feel compelled to join the crowd...... but here goes.While skimming through posts and Facebook I saw someone ask what is the American Thanksgiving all about?  It has definitely lost a good portion of its meaning over the years.  Here is a nutshell of its origin:

There's a First TIme for Everything

Here it is, the Tuesday before America's Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Guess what I did yesterday?  It is something I have NEVER done in my entire life!  I decorated for Christmas.  Yes I did.  I put away the fall decorations and hauled out my Christmas ones.  I have no idea what got into me since I was so cranky yesterday.  But guess what?  The crankies went away.  The cup of coffee and the decorating took it away.  So now I am ready for "The Holidays"....more

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

My pics are not showing - you can see full post at


Today is one day over the half way mark for the NaBloPoMo blog for thirty days challenge.  I haven't missed a day.  I am amazed - at myself.  I stopped posting these blogs to their website because sometimes the blog wouldn't load up completely on their page.  Therefore, they probably don't even know I'm still in.  Perhaps I'll post this one one their page.

Blog Blog Blog, Blog, Blog

I do a lot of thinking about blogging.  Much more time is spent thinking about it than actually doing it.  That is a fault of mine.  I have talked to a few people I know who are in marketing or similar fields and they all tell me just about the same things.  See, I like writing.  I like blogging.  I also want readers to read my writing and comment or just hit the like button.  Those actions are encouraging and supportive to me.  What is difficult to me is gaining followers or an audience.  I seem to attract a lot of attention when I post photos -...more

Daydream Believer

On Sunday I took a walk.  The weather was perfect for a November Mid-west day.  Warm and sunny.  I went to a park just a couple of blocks away.  Here is what I saw -...more

My Heroes

I was born in 1951.  They called that era The Happy Days.  Our parents generation made it through the Great Depression and a couple of wars.  Days ahead were promising to them.  My parents left the crowded neighborhoods of North Jersey and bought a home at "The Jersey Shore" - even though it was about a twenty minute drive to the beach.  Things looking good....more

Hanging On

A bit of snow forecast for this coming week.   Waning little roses.  See you in the spring.Enjoy!cate b...more

It's Breakfast on the Go! have a love for a good breakfast sandwich.  One that doesn't hold a lot of grease....more