All Joking Aside....

So things have been super busy. Thing 1 had a spelling bee, the other Things got sick, and just day to day things. I was in church today and the message really struck a cord with me. It's one thing to say you are a Christian, it's another thing to live it. And not just fake it, but live it because you want to, because you feel the conviction. ...more

Picking Battles and the Battle of Good vs. Evil

Any parent know, you have to pick your battles. But sometimes so much happens in such a short period of time you are not sure which one you should pick to start a war with your child. Example...more

Art Linkletter Would Be Proud

Thing 4: I'm hungry.Me: You're always hungryThing 4: It's because I have a pregnant.---------------(While changing Thing 6)Thing 5: OH MOM!!! OH NO!!!Me: What?! What?! What's wrong?Thing 5: She lost her penis!!! -----------------Thing 1: Mom there's a boy who's gonna come by the house today. (putting her hands out in a stopping motion) Now don't freak out, his name is Kevin and I've already talked to him and he's totally fine with not having kids til I'm 25.-----------------Thing 4: Why won't you share?...more

As A Parent Sometimes You Just Have To Take A Deep Breath

As a parent, there are times when you look up, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Sometimes what your child has done is funny but irritating and sometimes it's just not. Like yesterday, Thing 4 was supposed to clean his room. We spent an hour...AN HOUR...talking about doing this job. I sat in his room and watched him clean it while my sweet 8 year old boy whined and cried and screamed about folding clothes and making beds. And so this is part of our conversation:Thing 4: I didn't even make this mess!!! Me: Who made the mess in MY room the other day?...more

The creeps and Thing 5

So as I've said I have 7 children. I find that blogging is theraputic in a way when it comes to all of the stress that comes with raising my own basketball line up. ...more

Growing Up Too Fast

In this day and age it seems as though kids are growing up way too fast, faster than I ever did. With everything on tv and the radio, it's nothing but sex sex sex. Even Disney, and it introduces things to kids that they are not ready to know and it brings up questions. As parents, you have to answer those questions, but they are coming way too soon. ...more


I am a mother of 7 children. Yes. You read that correctly. I have 7 children, only 1 I did not actually give birth to, but he is all mine. I was married once before, for 7 years and that did not go very well. But I got the first 4 of my children out of it which is a true blessing. Then I ended up getting married to my first love and he had 1 child from his previous marriage and then we had 2 got that? It's hard for me to keep up with at times. ...more
Holy cow woman that's amazing. I have two and they are a handful. Without an army of nannies, I ...more