Sleeping your way to Wisdom and Intuition - in the Social Media Era

How many times you do hear the terminology "Why don't you just sleep on it?"...more

Holiday Time? Great time to get your Teenager Focused by Creating a Vision Board

There is no doubt that social media challenges our teens to stay focused on what it is they want achieve. They often become overwhelmed with too much information through status updates and marketing aimed at making them feel as if they are not ‘perfect’ just the way they are.Helping them to create a vision board is one way to help your teen set some great goals for the coming year… and beyond....more

Will Social Media Cause the Demise of Relationships?

This week, two major news companies in Australia announced massive changes to their organisations, including many redundancies and layoffs. Both companies have said that the move is in response to the changing way in which people now access news. ...more