Ten Ways to Get to Happy

 When asked "What is the number one wish you have for your life?" the most common reply is "to be happy".  We all want happiness for ourselves, as well as for our loved ones, but what exactly does that really mean and how do we get it?  Will more money make us happier?  Will more friends make us happier?  Will we be happier when the economy gets better?  ...more

Knowing Yourself

 Some people seemed to know themselves from a very early age.  I've always envied that.  In high school, they strutted down the hallways with their head held high with such an aura of high self-esteem.  Was this a charade or did they really feel that self-confidence?  Who knows, but I do think that, as we age, we develop a greater sense of self.   Knowing who we are, liking who we are, is a huge step toward happiness.  ...more