PSA: Being a Side Chick is NOT OK!!

I have to ask this question....because throughout the last  2 years just about, I have been utterly perplexed at this "craze" amongst women....What exactly are the benefits of being someone's side chick? I have heard many reasons such as the thrill of no strings, the lack of commitment to a  particular role, getting an abundance of gifts for no particular reason at all.  Quite frankly, I feel it is a horrible role to play as a woman, and I don't understand the joy a woman gets out of being a side chick for a man.  ...more
YES!!!!! I wrote about this very topic as ...more

If you Love me, Put it on Facebook ??

When me and my husband first got together, Facebook was a very important thing in my life. I had fallen to the craze and found myself on it constantly (truth be told, that is how I found out who my husband was, and added him as a friend because he was cute lol). Throughout our relationship, we had some pretty good times and our share of bad; however, one thing lingered in me that I longed for him to do: change the oh-so-common relationship status on Facebook. ...more
I have to somewhat disagree with you.  If you're exclusive with someone then they shouldn't have ...more

Pregnancy Update: I'm Growing and Glowing!

Well, I am 26 weeks down, 14 to go!! I must say this has been one of the best experiences for me!  I posted a picture on Saturday night, before I went out to dinner with some of my coworkers.  All of the likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram made me feel AMAZING about myself....more

Find. Your Calling

Your routine is the same. Wake up, breakfast, get the kids ready for school, kiss your husband/wife, go to work, and wonder why you are doing the job you are doing.  You wonder why this is the path you have chosen; to be in a job, and not your dream career.  You deal with a job you are not fond of because of the logical reasons: it pays the bills, it's all that I could get hired to do, it was a necessity, etc.  Many reasons could attribute to this utter distaste for your job....more

Cheating: Are There Levels to This?

It all starts out very innocent.  First, the public comments on Facebook, or the occasional liked picture on Instagram, a text from an old friend.  But soon enough, the conversations between your significant other and their friend, become more and more friendly.  You start noticing some inappropriate words, smiley faces become more prevalent in conversation, taking a phone conversation to another room, or even the sudden urgency to have your phone glued to your hands....more

Pregnancy update!!

So, I'm 19 weeks and 3 days!  I'm growing, I'm hungry, but most importantly, I'm bonding with my baby.  I m anxious to know the gender.  I'm ready to call my baby by a name, and not having to say he/   This experience has been so awesome. I'm halfway there, let's see what the next half has to offer!!! ...more
Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by? I am 20 weeks as of yesterday and I'm like holy crap that ...more

A Huge Announcement!!

Well, I have been gone for a while, but I am back in the spirits now, with big news! I am PREGNANT!! ...more

Am I Dating or am I Babysitting?

You see it all the time. The older, wiser more dignified man or woman; sitting in a restaurant waiting on their significant other. You point out all the more compatible looking mates thinking they will join her, until you see the teenage looking, "barely over 20" looking female or male sit down next to them! You immediately wonder "what do they see in them?!" Well it is no surprise that these days older men and older women (sometimes referred to as cougars) will "prey" on the younger mate....more

Is My Man Too Right to be Mr. Right?

Every woman has painted the picture of their dream man in their mind, and vowed to themselves that THIS MAN will be the man they spend the rest of their lives with. They have been perfectly crafted from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. We as women will have their hair type, eyes, nose, teeth; down to the type of clothes they wear, they type of job they have, what kind of car they drive and how much money they need to have. It is always nice to have a foundation of what your dream man will be; but do women tend to become TOO specific on their "Mr. Right"?...more