A break from reality

A group of friends and I enjoyed a trip out of town this weekend. These are friends that I've known for years. Some even since elementary school and jr high. Spending an entire weekend in a cabin with them was beyond amazing....more

Sneak Peak into Our Kithen Design

We wake up sore around here. Putting in long hours on the house. Taking care of a toddler and packing our old house can be a bit daunting at times. When I feel like why the heck did we get ourselves into this? I day dream. I envision our kitchen mostly. We will be in the thick of fall when we move in. My men sleep in, I'm an early riser. I like to picture myself sitting in our new kitchen nook sipping on a latte before they wake up. I will have our brand new house all to myself. I picture it to be crisp outside and I will have a pumpkin spice candle burning with slippers on my feat....more

When two rooms become one

What was up with the Chef back in the day being banned in small quarters behind closed doors? I'm happy that has ended. The modern house with an open floor plan, lends to a much more cohesive family life. When we first saw our home, we knew we had to bust out the wall between the kitchen and the living room. In fact every home I've ever lived in, had a segregated kitchen. I day dream of being able to watch TV while I cook. Hey its the simple things..right? Below is the progression of the two rooms becoming one. It was of course as always, a bit more complicated than anticipated....more

Bathroom Design

Whats love gotta to do with it..

a picture of us on our wedding day...more

Day Dreamin

I could peruse the internets all day for items to decorate our home.  Problem is.. we only have a 1200 square foot home.  This is where I can dream.  Above are a few of my favorite finds this week....more

Before we busted this place wide open

We are already well into the smashing things, and putting it back to together stage. Below, is a look back on what the house looked like, when we first got the keys. The house sat on the market for a bit longer, than most in the neighborhood. It takes a bit of an imagination, when viewing the home to see its potential  (that may be an understatement). My brother told me, that out of a dime a dozen, we are the other $.02, that are NOT looking for a turn key operation. We looked at those....more

Weekend Getaway

before boarding cocktails ...more

Cause I loved this song when I was a little girl

When I was a 5 I would run a muck in our neighborhood.  All us kids would play games together.  My favorite was playing house.  You know, you be the mom, and I'll be the dad....more