Taste of Tokyo

I’m baaack…from Japan! It was the most fantastic whirlwind. We visited 8 cities and walked an average of 10 miles a day gathering all the experiences we could manage ....more

Suspense and Intrigue

Lots of changes and exciting developments have been brewing here at Witty headquarters. Life has been a whirlwind that will keep on whirling for the next few weeks, so don’t expect any new content between now and then. But, I promise, when that new content arrives…you’ll be riveted! ...more

The Power of Dogs, and Craft Kombucha

The best way to make a bunch of amazing friends is to get a dog. As soon as we got Stella, our social circle expanded in the most wonderful ways. The friends we met in the dog park that first summer have stuck with us ever since, to the point where I really need to stop calling them my dog park friends ....more

Spicy Mexican Pasta

Mexican pasta sounds crazy, but it’s addictively delicious. It’s different than normal pasta, because the noodles are toasted before they’re cooked and then baked with a spicy chipotle sauce. The toasting keeps the noodles nutty and chewy, but still tender ....more

Queso Fresco: Simple Homemade Cheese

Who knew that making cheese could be so fun or so easy? I took a class on homemade Mexican food a while back, and this recipe was the simplest thing we made. So, when chatter about a Global Supper Club: Mexican Edition picked up, I knew this creamy goodness would make an appearance ....more

Charred Cauliflower & Shishitos in Loaded Olive Oil

I came across this recipe in Saveur and though little of it because I didn’t realistically foresee myself buying shishito peppers. In fact, I flagged just about every other cauliflower recipe included in the magazine but this one. And then, browsing the aisles at...more

Heavenly Hot Chocolate- Refreshed

My snow bunnies, you deserve to be greeted at your door with a steaming mug of this unique hot chocolate. It has been my go-to recipe for quite a while, but this most recent snow storm inspired me to streamline the time it takes to make and the number of dishes that it dirties. I love this hot chocolate because it doesn’t use cocoa powder, which I find imparts a chalky texture ....more

Natural Cherry Pie Filling–For Hamantaschen!

I love hamantaschen season, but every year when it’s time to make them, I feel terrible opening up the can of artificial cherry pie filling. I keep trying and failing to avoid it. Last year’s use of cherry jam was a sticky, overly-sweet disaster ....more

Marble Tea Eggs and Global Supper Club: Chinese New Year

One of my long-standing favorite places to relax in DC is a Chinese tea house in Georgetown that is bright, peaceful, and full of delicious offerings. Their marble tea egg is as beautiful as it is tasty, and it was the perfect thing to serve at this month’s Global Supper Club celebrating the Chinese New Year. Marble tea eggs are made by cracking the shells of hard boiled eggs and letting them soak in a flavorful black tea bath that seeps through the shells and stains the egg whites in a veined, marbled pattern ....more

Kumquat Jalapeño Marmalade

This marmalade is an amped up version of orange pepper jelly. It’s tangy, sweet, and spicy all in one, and it is fantastic with cheese. I want to spread it all over a wheel of brie, wrap it in puff pastry, and bake it until it’s crispy, melty, and full of complimentary flavors ....more