Nutella-Banana Crêpes

Have you eaten your fill of savory crêpes yet? I certainly have, so it’s time for dessert. My favorite sweet crêpe filling is a classic: melty Nutella and warm rounds of sweet banana ....more

Tips for Grilling Fish

After too many years without access to a grill, I am finally learning how to cook in the great outdoors. Whole Foods recently had a great deal on salmon, so I bought a large filet and set off experimenting. I marinated some of the salmon in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, grated ginger, and miso for about 20 minutes before grilling it ....more

Tortilla Española and Garlic Aioli

My group of friends recently held a Spanish edition of the Global Supper Club, which gave me an excellent excuse to finally learn how to make a Spanish tortilla. Tortilla Española is essentially a potato frittata, and I absolutely love it. No trip to a tapas restaurant is complete without one (my favorite DC offerings come from Bodega and Estadio) ....more

Simple Solution: Lazy De-Wrinkling

I don’t like to iron. Back when I had good intentions, all of our wrinkly, unwearable clothes remained crumpled in a corner forever. Eventually, I came into possession of Bounty’s Wrinkle Releaser spray, and it worked wonders ....more

White Bean Hummus by Hand

Prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of granite/fake granite in these pictures! I made a big batch of white beans and had trouble using them up. Some went into soup, others went on tacos ....more

An Activity Tracker for the Privacy-Conscious

I have really wanted to get one of the new activity trackers that have recently become available. Between Stella walking duties and daily life in a walkable city, I imagined that I walk a relatively significant distance each day. I was curious just how much ....more

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

As much as I love eating cookies, I’m not the best at baking them. I have a folder of photos on my computer of recipes that just weren’t worth sharing with you, and a decent portion of those show sad looking cookies. For some reason, my cookies never spread like they’re supposed to, regardless of the recipe I follow ....more

Savory Buckwheat Crêpes

Stereotypically, one of the best parts of living in Paris was getting to frequent the crêpe stands. Most of my crêpes were eaten late-night, on the way home from the bars. I’d sometimes...more

Stella the Lotus Flower

After 9 years in DC, we are still finding fun things to do. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens are well worth a visit and serve as another reminder of how easy it is to enjoy nature within the city limits. We took Stella over there on a surprisingly mild summer day to walk around the expansive marshland, admire the lily pads, and sniff out some wildlife ....more

Chocolate Cake for the Soul

This chocolate cake is a feast for the eyes and soul. It is easily the most delicious cake I’ve ever made. I don’t profess to be a baker- the recipe came nearly perfected from Smitten Kitchen, where I saw this cake posted but never intended to make it ....more