The Painters are in...


The Boyfriend

  It is  unexpected, this change of situation, this very different life that I now live. Certainly if anyone had suggested that at the age of 48, I would be a divorcee with a boyfriend, I would have laughed my head off with incredulity, wiping tears from my eyes. No, not me, NEVER ! So how exactly does a woman of my age introduce her significant other ?The few times I have been in this position, words have, quite unusually,… failed me....more

Be Yourself ?


I _____ you

It is one of those defining moments, you are feeling overwhelmed with affection, your eyes mist over, your lip trembles,  you want to articulate fully, the depth of your feeling to this significant other, eyes locked, the atmosphere heavy with anticipation…you open your mouth,  and the only term that the english language provides for such an occassion, be it partner to partner, parent to child, or child to parent..” I love you ” Truly the english language has failed us....more


Two parents, newly entwined, two families, merging together, sharing the best of themselves, and their lives, forward focused. Children mixing, relationships forming, a new shared horizon where all complexities and history are put aside,  enabling each member to find their own place in the new ecosystem that is us and our children, that is a modern-day family, spread over miles with a formidable cast of members....more

Oh Joy

Oh Joy, an outward expression of an inner state. The words tumble out of me like champagne bubbles escaping froth-like, down the side of my crystal flute, spreading out in a circle onto the well polished desk. Abandoned there, overtaken by events. Leaving their mark. ...more


Seemingly endless weeks of dry days, penetrating heat and baby blue skies with soft white fluffy clouds gently passing overhead...running wild, surrounded by loved ones, these are features of my memories of summer....more

The feared D word

h  ...more

The Gown