Ouch! Don’t Force Your Breast Pump

Don’t force the breast pump to pump too quickly or too hard.  Sometime when we lack the time or motivation to breast pump, we decide to put both the rhythm and pressure of the breast pump too high.  Some moms may jump on the breast pump with both dials pushed up to the highest level thinking that they will be able to get the breast milk out quicker.Wrong answer.  What results is a painfully horrid experience.  Breast pumping first should mimic your baby and secondly, should not be painful.  Initially each time you start breast pumping you should:...more

GotBreastPump.com’s WEEKLY giveaway! - $25 Walmart Gift Card - Dec. 11

 Win a $25 Walmart Gift Card Christmas is coming and we thought it would be a great idea to help you moms out there by giving away a gift card from the place where most moms end up. HOW TO ENTER: + leave a comment on GotBreastPump’s facebook fan page by answering the following question:...more

Don’t Stop Breast Pumping at Night

 We all wait for that perfect night when baby sleeps through the entire night.  Is it possible; will it ever happen?  Well, yes, believe it or not, in the near future your baby will probably begin to sleep through the night. However, as wonderful as it may seem, if you are breast pumping, you probably need to continue to wake at least once at night to breast pump.  I know if sounds horrible, but most moms have found that as soon as they stop the night time pumping session, they soon find that their breast milk begins to decrease....more

Make Sure to Have Something to Do While Breast Pumping

 If all you do while breast pumping is sit and stare at the clock waiting for the time to finish, then you will feel like your breast pumping sessions will last forever.  You should have something to do while breast pumping to help the time pass by more quickly. Some things that you may want to do while breast pumping are: -          Watching television – of course the easiest and don’t require you to use your hands...more

Breast Pump for 2-3 Minutes Longer

 Many of us lack the time that we need to breast pump for very long, and we wait impatiently while watching the minutes on a clock to decide whether to finish pumping at this time.   Well, if you want to maintain a good breast milk supply, the last thing that you should be doing is watching a clock to see how many minutes you have been pumping. To maintain a good breast milk supply and have plenty stocked up in your freezer for later use, you need to:...more

Massage Your Breasts While Breast Pumping

 When you learn to breastfeed, you are told to massage your breasts to help with the let down of your breast milk.  Well, of course the same holds true for breast pumping.  However, in addition to massaging just prior to using your breast pumping, you will want to massage your breasts while breast pumping. As you are breast pumping, use your thumb to put pressure on your breasts from your armpit and run it along to the breast shield.  This put pressure on the milk ducts pushing more breast milk out as you are breast pumping....more

Using a Quality Breast Pump for Successful Breast Pumping

 Having a quality breast pump is essential if you plan to breast pump exclusively or even occasionally when returning to work.  If you do not have a quality breast pump intended for full time use, then your efforts at breast pumping will be useless.  After some time of using a lower quality breast pump (battery operated, single, even low voltage) you will find that your breast milk will begin to decrease....more

10 Tips to Successful Exclusive Breast Pumping

Exclusive breast pumping is becoming more and more popular as moms become busier and busier.  But as each year passes, providing breast milk to our babies while still keeping the hectic schedule that we call our lives, it becoming must easier and more efficient. The 10 tips should help you make your breast pumping more successful, whether you are pumping occasionally or exclusively....more