Where to Find Financial Support for Your Brilliant Startup

Your amazing business idea may need funds to be successful. However, it’s not easy to finance a startup in a sea of competitors. Consider many sources for your startup funds:  ...more


One of the things I was taught, was that the harder you work, the more money you make. Perhaps, you were taught something similar?...more

A Simple Plan to Regain Financial Fitness

Most of us are not financially fit. We are not completely aware of how our money is being spent. We have too much debt and spend money on the wrong things....more

Spring Cleanse

This is a really fun and pretty recipe that we included in our Spring Cleanse this year. It highlights fresh mint which blends really well with cucumber, orange and red onion in a refreshing simple vinaigrette. Citrus Cucumber Mint Salad - serves 2 1 cup cucumber, diced ...more

Surrogacy – Giving the Ultimate Gift of Life

Women possess the unique ability to give the most remarkable gift of all – the gift of life. For many women, pregnancy is an enjoyable time in their lives. The thrill of developing a life within is an experience unparalleled by any other. For women who enjoy pregnancy and love to help others, surrogacy may be their calling. ...more

How to Create Your 6-Figure Business Using Referrals

Whether you are a brand new business owner or have owned your own company for a number of years, chances are you’re overlooking the importance of referrals, and doing so could be disastrous to your business....more

DIY Spring Cleaning Soap Scum Remover

Spring is here and it is the time for cold winter days and nights to yield to bright and sunny warm days. Time for a bit of spring cleaning, throwing open those windows and doors to let the fresh air in while the birds are all a twittering outside....more

10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Beginning Writer

I’ve been writing for over 30 years. The writing bug bit me when I was about 10. I was away at summer camp for two weeks and my father, a professional writer, would write to me every day. He’d tell me about the goings-on at home and ask about camp life. At night, before lights out, I’d pick up pen and paper and write back. ...more

Stress Reduction 101

Owning your own business-a lifelong dream for many, including myself. Many get there and don’t realize the stress that comes along with it....more

5 Must Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

Epsilon conducted a study which found that 7.3 billion emails sent from a variety of industries failed to have an adequate open rate. The average open rate was only 27.4 percent while the average click through rate dropped to a dismal 4.5 percent....more