Senator Patton, Sweetie, You're Wrong!

 Dear Senator Patton:...more

Presidential Candidates: More Talk on Family Economics, Please!

Now that 2016 is here, it's no longer safe to ignore the jockeying of presidential candidates for position.  Both Democrats and Republicans have held several debates, and there's been no lack of chest pounding and saber rattling.  Personally, I'd love to hear a rational conversation about issues we all share and serious proposals to address them.  Instead, it's a silly game of jeers, smears, and one-upsm...more
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It Matters to Mothers - How Should We Pay for Paid Leave?

 As a regular reader of this blog, you know that paid family leave is a multi-purpose policy proposal that I've long promoted.  Keeping parents of young children, and those who look after dependent family members, connected to their jobs allows them to provide for themselves and the ones they love.  When people hold on to their income, they are less likely to need welfare or other public assistance.  They have access to health care, if their employer sponsors a group insurance plan, again decreasing costs to the taxpayer.  Businesses that offer it do better, with ga...more

Going Back to Work in the New Year? Tips For Moms Making a Move

One of my favorite things about my job at Mom-mentum is spending time with members in their Mothers' Centers.  That's what I was doing a few weeks back when the conversation turned to going back to work (the paid kind, OUTSIDE the home!)....more
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My Career Left No Room For Motherhood. Now I Advocate For Working Moms

One day a woman walked into her bank. She was on her way to the office, so she was in a suit, heels, and carried a briefcase. She'd taken no more than five steps when a bank employee graciously stepped up and asked what she needed that day and how he could help. Another smiling, helpful staffer was only a few steps behind him. ...more  Inflexible workplaces are a problem for everyone - so many workers ...more

My Grandmother, My Daughter and the 'Suffragette' Movie

I recently had a chance to take my daughter to see Suffragette, a new movie about the long and sometimes violent campaign waged by English women  for the right to vote.  With Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham-Carter, it is the only feature film released to date about the people and events, now mostly forgotten, in the long fight for women's equality in the United Kingdom....more

11 Ways Gender Still Matters

So there I was, shootin' the breeze in the backyard at the neighbors',  going on at length about feminism and mothers and politics, y' know, really warming up to my topic, when one guy in the group said..."Gender isn't as important as you think."...more
Gender also continues to be important in what is "acceptable" to say. It is borderline terrible ...more