Would Equal Pay Be Enough?

Today is Equal Pay Day.  What’s this about?  In order to earn the same amount of money that a full-time, year round employed US man earned in 2014, a US woman working full-time and year round, has to work all of 2014 and up until today in 2015.  That’s three and a half additional months.  Put another way, women’s median annual earnings trail men’s by a divide of more than 20%, according to the Institute ...more

Does Moms' Unpaid Work Matter to the Economy?

International Women’s Day on March 8th saw an outpouring of social media about the status of women in the world, which varies greatly across countries and continents.  Here in the US, women occupy a strangely contradictory position.  We are better educated than ever, nearly half the paid labor force, the majority of the population and the larger share of voters.  Nonetheless, we lack paid maternity leave, still do most of the unpaid family care, and at every age women’s poverty rate is higher than men’s.  These solvable problems hurt women, disadvantage our fa...more

Can Congress Make "Being A Woman A Positive Thing"?

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When Dads Care for Babies, Their Brains Actually Change

The deeper I get into mothers' rights work, the more often I end up thinking about men and fathers. While there is no dispute that women, even now, do much more of the caregiving and homemaking than men, men's lives have changed both at home and at work as a result of women's leaps in education and employment outside the home. Changes in the activity of one gender are necessarily going to be felt, one way or another, by the other....more
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Mom In A Movie?

The great paradox of motherhood in America is that it is so often praised, so little valued, and so actively punished....more

Getting the Most From Your Maternity Leave

Mindful mama Lori Mihalich Levin is the mother of 2 children and a regulatory lawyer in Washington, DC.  She is also guiding dozens of women as they navigate their way out of and back to work when their lives are transformed by motherhood.  We sat down recently to talk about the origins of her 4-week online course Mindful Return....more

State of the Union - Women's Issues Now "National Economic Priorities"

 President Obama put paid leave, childcare, and pay equity front and center in economic policy last night in his State of the Union address, right where they belong.   By including them in his remarks, he has created an opportunity for some very public discussion which we must surely make the most of.  In the course of his fiery speech, he pulled these family frustrations out from the dark shadow of “women’s issues” (as in somehow unworthy of serious political man-business) and presented them as areas appropriate for public policy solutions – which is how they a...more
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Married Moms: Do You Work?

A Washington D.C. think tank is devoting some resources to find out "What's Happening to Married Mothers in the Workforce?"  It's a critically important question for a lot of reasons. While fewer women choose to marry, more than three-quarters of us are mothers by the time we're in our 40s....more
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Bye Bye Nursing Bra

My friend Shannon, mother of 3 small boys, former "Big Law" attorney, and blogger in her own right recently posted a wonderful essay about motherhood, change and the bittersweet surrender of one phase to the next.  I asked her if she'd let me put it up here for you to see, because I think it will strike such a chord.  If you'd like to see the piece in its or...more

Picture Yourself A Mother

The two best days of my life, hands down, were the days I gave birth.  There is nothing I've yet experienced that even comes close for the drama, the energy, the fun, and the sense of being in the vortex of a force so powerful.  Yes, it was painful, there were problems and complications.  There were needles, anxiety, and strong medicine and it was really, really messy - but still.  I have never felt closer to the divine, or done anything cooler, than I did on those two days....more
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