Married Moms - Do You Work?

I want to bring this to your attention before the holiday mayhem strikes....more

Married Women: Did You Change Your Last Name? What About Your Husband?

Our cultural traditions and practices are often an awkward fit with the way we live now.  With women bringing home a sizeable portion of household income while still bearing all the children and doing most of the raising too, it's no secret that the workplace isn't user-friendly for the family caregiver, nor the adult child caring for an elderly parent. Image Credit: Jamie via Flickr...more
I changed my last name to his, primarily because my birth name was too common to have any Google ...more

"Traditional Women's Work" Is An Economic Asset

I wrote this post for my friends and colleagues at The Caring Economy Campaign, an effort to improve social well-being by valuing the carework that makes our economy possible.  You can see it at its first home here, under the title Social Wealth Economic Indicators Matter Most To Family Caregivers....more

Mixed Messages For Women in the Midterms

Now that the results are in for the 2014 midterm elections, we can see what changed for women....more

Will This Election Put More Moms in Office?

There it was, on the website, in great big black bold letters:Midterm Elections See Surge in Tough-to-Lure Candidates: Young Moms...more

Why Moms Should Vote on November 4

Will you show up at the polls on November 4 for the mid-term elections? If you are a woman, you are more likely to vote than a man. But if you are a mother, you are probably doing most of the child care and most of the housework, whether you hold down a paying job outside the home or not.  The length of your to-do list could make it harder for you to get into that voting booth....more
I am an absentee ballot voter. I always vote that way.more

Men Telling Women What To Do

Last week over coffee a friend told me this story....more

Is Feminism Different after Sandberg's Lean In?

Last weekend found me in the middle of dozens of feminist scholars happily chewing over such questions as:...more

Moms Telling the Truth in Public

Shame has kept people quiet about painful, personal, or inconvenient truths since … well, forever.  Mom-shaming is a particular example, because cultural expectations of motherhood are so high, women fiercely love their children and we have traditionally accepted responsibility for so many social problems and other undesirable outcomes.  Mom-judging and mom-shaming are two sides of the same coin, as both arise from deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and insecurity.  Truth be told, often the judging and the shame are happening simultaneously, by and to t...more

Giving Up the Mommy Guilt

It has not escaped my notice that women with children often express regret about their performance as mothers. I remember coming back from my own (partially paid) maternity leave, and for two months, driving to drop off and pick up at two different day care centers, doing my work, running the household, rocking the baby, mothering the four-year-old, and feeling like a total failure at everything I did. (Yes, I had a husband at home, but he left early for his office, and came home late, getting in his hours and pushing for professional advancement.) ...more
Thank you for putting words to how I feel right now...! I am the mother of four little boys - ...more