Travel: The Happiest State in America

The phrase ‘happiest state in America’ no doubt for many conjures images of people frolicking on beaches or enjoying umbrella-clad drinks amidst flowering plants on a patio somewhere.It turns out the happiest American’s don’t have much of an opportunity to do either in their home state, as they hail from Alaska. In compiling the most recent ‘Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index for American States’ factors such as perceptions of personal safety, financial satisfaction, and motivation levels were taken into account.That Alaskans ranked the highest doesn’t come as a surprise to Albert Wall, the director of the Alaska Division of Behavior Health. He said, “Although we have our share of problems common to other states in the nation, almost all Alaskans live here by choice — for our beautiful surroundings, our sense of freedom and individuality, and our close ties with the land.” Hawaiians are, as expected, incredibly pleased with their lives as well and came in 2nd place ....more

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