The Lockdown

Majorette wore her best walking shoes, so she thought. The soles were beginning to wear, and if you looked closely, you could tell that old knee injury affected her gait. Her right shoe, all shifted and worn away to the inner man-made material, made her limp just that much more. She crossed the old highway and made her way down the dirt road toward home, stopping to shift her pack to the other shoulder....more

Understanding Your Crew's Dating Pool

Understanding Your Crew’s Dating Pool…orHow to Enjoy the LeftoversUnderstanding that a crew mate is entitled to blow off a little steam once in a while, I’ve put together a list of Dooz and Donz, for da discerning wise guy. See my points below, and hey, if you have a beef wit any of my Tips for Tricks, come see me. Face to face, we will have a sit down and talk about it....more

Early On - with edits

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. You see, I’ve been busy clearing my closet of ghosts. It’s not just about finding the door, though it’s an important first step. It’s that once your closet has been located, you are then compelled to open it. To stick your head in and investigate.  But they’re ghosts, right?  So forget about using your eyes to see them. You only need feel the breeze as they sweep past. The electricity. The energy. It’s all quite physical: the hairs on your forearm standing at attention; the shiver that darts up your spine as the temperature drops....more


Margie moved in with Vee after a few more chanting sessions with the Buddha Life group.  They were all very happy to have her join, yet Margie couldn’t help but approach the whole scenario cautiously. By that time, she’d become aware that she was being monitored, but not understanding why, or by whom – only that it began when she’d first joined the game “Dream Life” – and worsened after she left her husband, Pete....more


As Og sat he pulled up the holographic bulletin board, and pulled his favorite laser pointer from his shirt pocket.  It was made to resemble a light saber from the movie “Star Wars” and was one of the few culturally relevant objects he treasured from Earth.“Red.” Og voiced, and the word materialized on the screen.Everyone at the table sat silently, waiting for Og to continue.“What do you think of when you hear the word “Red?”...more

The Cloud

To the naked eye, The Cloud is exactly what you might think. It lingers high in the sky, floats there, moving around our world - morphing from stratus to cumulus to cumulonimbus, depending upon how far away from the surface it wants to be.  It's not difficult to get to, you can take a plane. In fact, all it takes is one quick phone call, and it's been known to meet you half way. The inside, however, is …  Well, it's something to behold....more


As soon as Margie saw Vee kneel next to her to engage with the little boy on the carpet playing with his truck, she knew. She knew the woman was there for a reason. She could feel it.Vee was a dominating presence. She filled a room. Stocky, yet attractive, Vee sat quietly playing with the boy while the rest of the women in the room discussed their ‘mirrors.’...more


Janie looked out the window and watched the students cross the square, hurrying to their next classes.  Perched on her lab stool, she looked down at the implements in front of her. There was no other alternative. This…behavior, this deviance, this abomination…has reached our great land – and she had the power to end it right in front of her.The lab had recently been updated, thanks to the Institute. Their inroads toward ridding the world of disease had been a God send, and their lab benefited greatly from it....more


There really is no other way to begin, no way to delicately, or eloquently discuss the exact situations that led me to my decision-making today. That led me to never, ever become a victim – again. But therein lies the rub.  Sometimes you don’t know it’s happening. It’s the true nature of victimization. When someone’s motivations are so inauthentic, or so contradictory to your own nature, it becomes difficult to question, nay recognize, what you are seeing happening right in front of you....more

Social Security

The last good memory I have of my step-father wasn’t very long ago. It was Spring of 2011. We were standing in line together at the Social Security Office, because, for what seemed like the twelfth time in two years, I had “lost” my identification; credit cards, check book – or whatever credential that, as fate would have it, I would need to secure an unemployment check.  It became routine. Lose license, unemployment password expires or I forget it, need license to fax to unemployment office in order to get a new password....more