Her 1984

I’m not sure if I slept.  I opened my ears to familiar rumblings; the creaky wood floors as my parents moved from room-to-room above me, our “new” water heater discharging a neverending cacophony of notes, the tap-tap-tap of Grainger’s overgrown toenails as he came down the stairs to wake us....more





Killing Venus

Killing Venus...more





New Job

When the Nurse Practitioner, Devyn, walked into the room, she looked Margie straight in the eyes and smiled, holding out a plump gloved hand on the right and swishing back her grey, frizzy locks with the left. Margie took in some of the telltale signs about who the Nurse was, what side she was actually on – but of course, these days, you never could tell....more


Og flipped through memory after memory of Margie’s life, the good times were, indeed, good ones....more

The Babies

As “other” Og flipped through each scenario, each remnant of Margie’s life, he would stop at one here and there, asking for a bit of insight, some kind of further explanation. Then with an “ahh right, right” or an “I see” he would continue, either with random intent, or chaotic order.The next scene was Margie’s beloved cabin.“I was ten. I’d been selected to take care of the pair of gerbils that we kept in our class for the summer.”...more

Dear American Male

Dear American Male,We have a little problemAnd it’s getting biggerMark this dayHelp me solve itThere are twisted objectsAwash upon our shoresRiding in on uprightCollars and cuffsWhispering quietly to the ownersYou are invincible!Be a man!When they already areThey just don’t believeThey teach baby geeksLessons on womenTell our LesbiansThey have a cureAugment realitiesBurn BridgesCause our tribes to warAnd while my brothers...more