September 6, 2012I felt 12 years old today.  Sitting in the back seat of my parents car, after they picked me up from Bio-Tron. I am 45.Traffic is especially heavy this hour, semi-trucks barrel past, their brakes and muffler engage, discharge, engage…keeping pace with our car.  I barely notice the sirens or the cars whizzing past to cut in front of us.  I do, however, notice the unmarked SUVs traveling along side and in front of us. Weird. My “mom ears” are on – a colloquialism my daughter offered when I was busy online or on my phone....more


Margie walked down the corridor with an air of deliberation, rather than caution. She had decided not to be afraid, so meeting Og here alone for the first time – and perhaps the last – elicited more curiosity and excitement than trepidation. Her instincts, however, told her to reign in every emotion for this final “debriefing,” a term Joe used – but somehow, Margie sensed it was most likely something…more. ...more

The Christmas Party

There were times during her marriage, where Margie could put aside the realities that she witnessed, and give in to the dream. The idea of being a partner to someone as intelligent, sexy, daring and ambitious as Pete, was enough to create, in her mind, a temporary escape from the reality of her situation. The reality being, that she was in fact, his beard.  A marriage of convenience. A partnership to present to the world.It was fun, for a while.  The trips, the money – the parties, all distractions to keep her from knowing exactly what he was....more

Vanilla Bride - Part Two

Once the audience calmed down, Margie looked back at Og, who was flipping through the film clips of her life - lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, the clips were a representation of timeline altering moments.  There really were a lot of them, and some of them were seemingly insignificant. Like the day she argued with the used bookstore clerk:"I don't understand, so…you can take these books, but you can't take these books.""That is correct," the clerk said....more

Curating Venus

Margie opened her eyes to several of The Regents hovering and shouting at her. Thunderbird's handclap next to her ear brought her back to the situation at hand.  Fully conscious now, she sat up, noting that someone had finally given her a chair, and trying to remember when. "While you were recounting your story, we connected you to our Timeline," Link explained, "it generates a frequency, an energy that helps you remember details - it's been known to render the more sensitive humans unconscious."...more

Vanilla Bride - Part One

Margie's retelling was stilted, lifeless.  As if she were checking each insurrection of her husband's behavior off a list, not wanting the emotion, the pain, or the shame to interrupt her concentration.  When she opened her eyes and looked out to the Regents, she suddenly wished she'd negotiated harder for that chair.  She continued, relenting to her emotions a bit -"Compromising one's self isn't very difficult."The Regent's remained silent as she continued....more

Sneaky Pete

After emailing with Pete a few times, we decided to meet at a local wine bar. I was excited. I hadn’t ever used an online dating service before, it was new to me – and it was the early 2000s – so it was new to everyone.  Once I got there I noticed the restaurant was actually closed, Pete showed up a few minutes later, and our eyes met for the first time.  I thought he was gorgeous. Black hair, clear blue eyes – with a vague resemblance to Anthony Kiedis from the Chili Peppers....more

Social Security - Edited

The last good memory Margie had of her step-father was Spring of 2011. They were standing in line together at the Social Security Office, because, for what seemed like the twelfth time in two years, she had “lost” her identification; credit cards, check book – or whatever credential that, as fate would have it, Margie would need to secure an unemployment check.  It became routine. Lose license, unemployment password expires or she forgot it, need license to fax to unemployment office in order to get a new password....more

Death of a Doe

“Have you ever experienced Death? First hand, I mean.  Well, not first hand...but-"The psychiatrist, Dr. Laurent, shifted in her seat while gazing directly into Margie’s eyes – as if to gauge her reaction to the question.“Yes,” Margie interrupted, returning Dr. Laurent’s stare, nodding, before her eyes glazed over as she found her words.“I was driving home from work at the Radio station. It was probably 1990 or 1991. I lived with my mother and my son, and was anxious to get home and change for my Improv show that night....more


The July afternoon air was warm, and the sun peeked from behind a massive cloud above the city.  Margie was late. She’d promised her co-workers she’d meet them at the bar promptly at 3pm for their Thirsty Thursday happy hour. Having just closed her first advertising deal at the television station where she worked, she knew they’d understand – and the cocktails would flow in celebration whilst everyone discussed their predictions for the Y2K fallout....more