Last week I posted a comment on Facebook about the importance of laughter in our lives. Evidently research shows that there are lots of health benefits to such glee. Stress relief, increase blood flow to your heart, and body relaxation are just a few in the plethora of literature. Also, laughter can reduce conflict, bring back balance while keeping you alert and focused. I thought this was pretty neat considering laughing is a fun, enjoyable activity to partake in, and with added health rewards, seems like something I’d like to focus more on....more

We as Women

I have been feeling in me, for quite some time now, this desire to help women through inspiration and spiritual growth, and to help them achieve their ultimate capacity.  I, myself,  have struggled with this for so many years as everything, but me, took precedence in my life.  Now I have learned that the more I dedicate to feeding my soul and learning who I am, the easier it is to be productive in the roles I have acquired.  The more I learn to love myself (leaving my ego behind), the better I love my children and the more effective I am as a Mom....more

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