Meet 7 Power Moms in Tech & Entrepreneurship

Tech-savvy moms have a long history of meaningful innovation. They keep it real by admitting their lives aren’t always perfect, but they sure as hell try and have a great time doing it. Perhaps having a cookie-cutter life is overrated, after all. ...more
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How To Turn A Great Idea Into A Real Business

by Angie Chang (Co-Founder, Women 2.0) Everyone has that dream -- to run a drive-thru boba shop, a digital magazine with realistic depictions of girls today, maybe an online resource for fellow lawyers... What's your big idea? And what are the next steps to take that dream to a reality? The next step is not capital and investment, surprisingly enough. Not yet, at least. ...more

What Foodspotting, LARK, and TaskRabbit Have in Common: Women Entrepreneurs

Everyone has problems. Entrepreneurs are those that solve a problem -- and take offer their solution to everyone else in the world. Here are three women who wanted something that didn't exist, and made it happen by launching a tech startup to solve a problem. ...more

Women Entrepreneurs: Alice Wang of SparkBox

A former investment banker, entrepreneur Alice Wang watched her extended family grow in size with the arrival of three babies. She found it inspiring to see how the families experienced parenthood, and subsequently, how quickly the children got sick of toys. She thought there had to be a better way to test toys with the child and provide some educational value to the experience. ...more