Spinning Obsessed

A couple of years ago I took up spinning on the recommendation of a friend.  She loved it, said it was great exercise and I haven’t seen her in a class since!  Well, I got hooked.  I love the fact that I’m pushed into pushing myself and with a classroom of about 25 spinners, you don’t dare give up.  You build up resistance; you get a great workout and the adrenaline benefit that comes from something so intense lasts for several hours....more

Will that be a Window or an Aisle Seat?

We’ve all been there.  You’ve made the decision to travel and fly to your destination.  Once that decision is made and your ticket is booked, next comes the second decision, choosing your seat.  If Business class is your style or covered by an expense account, this story is not as relevant since space isn’t as much an issue....more

Career Lessons From the Ground Up

 I recently have been working with a number of young women, one as my summer intern, and all of them curious to know what I thought were important lessons for them as they embarked on their own career journey. So I decided to capture what I would want to share with them and with my own daughter. Starting out as a nurse and moving to the ranks of a senior communications executive has had its shares of ups and downs and a ton of learning along the way....more

Magical and Emotional Transformations, BlogHer 2012 Fasion show

Every year in August, the largest blogger conference takes place in the US. BlogHer, the largest network of bloggers have their two and half day conference where bloggers from all over come to learn, be inspired, share and teach. I have had the pleasure of attending twice and each time I come back home with more information than I know what to do with! This year wasn't any different....more

Born to Run...Born to Live

There's an annual beach dinner dance at this  club where I belong just outside of the city.  They have been doing this for the last  3 years and the entertainment has been consistent.  A pretty talented Bruce Springsteen "Want to Be" band which plays his music and  attracts young and old alike.  For some of us, we lived with The Boss in the 70's and loved him then as much as we love him now.  His music it timeless along with that  get up and dance feeling in your soul....more

Wire Walking Over Niagara Falls

I'm sitting here watching along with millions of curious people, Nick Wallenda walk a tight wire over the mighty Niagara Falls! One third of a mile across one of the scariest waterways I know. Most people couldn't walk a straight line on a flat road. I grew up in the area and have spent countless hours watching the water rush over the edge and not only is it breathtaking, the noise is as scary as it gets. Rapids travelling at 65 miles per hour over the edge and dropping 20 stories below. It's dark, it's foggy and he is being interviewed as he goes....more

Fifty Shades of "Wanton"

  Women across the southern hemisphere and now North America have been swept by the gorgeous Dominant Christian Grey and his submissive virginal girlfriend, Anastasia Steele.  I am talking about the spell binding book “Fifty Shades of Gray”, a trilogy written by Erika L....more

Tax Time...Again!

 God I hate this time of year!  Getting all of the paper work ready to visit with my accountant to file my taxes....more

Air Travel Extras for Sale

Checking in for a flight this past weekend made me a little, well, a lot nauseous.  There are so many choices to pay more for less; I simply had to write about it.  Maybe I have been spoiled flying my tried and true Delta Airlines (with my gold Delta SkyMiles account), I was out of touch with decisions most travelers must make before boarding a flight.  For the right p...more

Do You Really Need an Ad Down There?