Create a Miracle Journal

I invite you to start your own miracle journal.  It has the most extraordinary effect of helping one marvel at the beautiful, the coincidences and the simple things of every day that we so often pass by.  And it has helped me see concretely how much the energy, perspective and sheer presence that we bring to every moment affects the way in which we experience that moment.  ...more

What a great idea!  The big things don't always go the way we'd like them to.  When we learn to ...more

Mrs. Obama, Who Are You Wearing?

I regularly cringe when watching the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and any other red carpet event that draws the "A-List" celebrities, when the media almost exclusively focuses on one's choice of dress, shoes and jewelry.  And so it was this week, when even CNN joined in the debate about Michelle Obama's choice of outfit and designer for the Inauguration and Inaugural Balls.  We - especially we women - have taken our obsession with fashion and beauty to the point where we eclipse the substance of character that we have fought to define us as women above physical image.  ...more