Paid Leave in Motion; Missouri to Limit Teen Rights

House Democrats have proposed the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act. Also this week, three separate abortion bills, two impacting minors, were proposed by the Republican majority in Missouri ....more

Free Community College Opens Doors for Teen Moms

President Obama's recently unveiled community college plan can help young women out of the predicament of choosing between their futures and keeping their babies, says this commentator from Youth Narrating Our World, the teen writing initiative of The OpEd Project ....more

NFL's Domestic Safety Message Heads to Super Bowl

After a spate of domestic violence cases, the NFL has been airing PSAs timed to the big game on Feb. 1. Internally it is revising its player conduct policy and changing adjudication practices. "This is a long term effort," says one of its new safety consultants ....more

More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

Women on a police force are less likely than male coworkers to use excessive and deadly force, studies show, relying more on interpersonal skills. If policymakers knew the data, says one advocate, they'd "go on a hiring spree and hire more women." ...more

Source: Veiled Women Targeted in Post-Hebdo France

A spokeswoman for the Paris-based Collective Against Islamophobia says the group has registered at least seven physical attacks against veiled women. One of the victims, she says, is still hospitalized after suffering severe injuries ....more

'Maid in Cambodia' Highlights Skills, Better Wages

With no protections or rights for domestic workers in Cambodia, an expat here has started a job training center that requires employers to pay a decent wage, provide one day off a week, offer paid sick leave and holidays, basic health care and an eight-hour work day ....more

Marissa Alexander's Supporters Converge in Florida

One group has spent January driving cross country in the Black Women's Lives Matter: Free Marissa Now caravan lobbying for Marissa Alexander's pardon. A quilting project joins them on Jan. 27 to keep watch outside Alexander's day in court ....more

5 Speaking Habits That Weaken Women's Leadership

These common patterns of talking make us sound unsure of ourselves and can stand in the way of being seen as confident leaders, says Judith Humphrey in this excerpt from the book "Taking the Stage." ...more

White House to Veto HR7; IS Targets Educated Women

The White House has threatened to veto an abortion bill passed by the House of Representatives on Jan. 22. Also this week, the U.N. decried numerous executions of civilians in Iraq by the Islamic State group, warning that educated women appeared to be especially at risk ....more

I Liked My Epidural, Before I Read this Report

Many women in labor, including me, welcome pain relief. But a new report shows how epidurals and other medical interventions in childbirth disrupt biological processes that have evolved over the millennia to support maternal and infant health ....more