Cost and Fear Keep These Teens from STD Testing

Only 22 percent of sexually active teens are taking advantage of health screenings for HIV, human papillomavirus or chlamydia. In online interviews teens from Michigan explain why that statistic holds true in their own lives ....more

bell hooks Reignites a Writer's Feminist Identity

"I felt like she'd been waiting out there, to help me make sense of my life," says Danielle Henderson about discovering hooks' work, in this excerpt from the book of essays "Icon." Suddenly being shut out for being a black woman made more sense ....more

Boko Haram Truce Reached; Games Critic Cancels Talk

As part of the truce in Nigeria, it's been said that the schoolgirls Boko Haram abducted will be released. Also this week, Media critic and feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian was forced to cancel a talk at Utah State University after receiving death threats ....more

Why I'm Not Buying Beyoncé's Brand of Feminism

It's not about having a successful career, making buckets of money and forming a perfect nuclear family. Maybe it's old school, but for me feminism is still about caring about the women out there who are still stuck in a raw deal ....more

Let's Take Luck Out of the 'Boss Lottery'

Today--National Boss's Day--belongs to that critical person in the life of a working mother who provides the flexibility we all need. The author found a pair of winning-ticket bosses, but U.S. working mothers should not have to rely on the luck of the draw ....more

'Eleanor's Hope' Puts Retirement Gap into Races

The initiative backed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren seeks Social Security benefits for caregivers. NOW is collecting pledges by women across the country to turn out and vote for candidates who will support the initiative ....more

Nepali Villagers Protest a Temple's Locked Doors

While spending time with her in-laws in a remote village in Nepal, Elizabeth Enslin saw local women press their rights. In this excerpt from "While the Gods Were Sleeping," some decided to plant trees instead of throwing rocks and breaking windows ....more

Malala Wins Peace Prize; Tipped Workers Harassed

Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai wins the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Also this week, a report shows some 90 percent of women in restaurant jobs that depend on tips are bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment ....more

Subminimum Wage Plus Tips Don't Add up to a Living

In my own experience, tips were based on how much you flirted or laughed at crude or sexist jokes. That's no way to earn a living and it breeds a culture of harassment flagged by the "Glass Floor" study released last week ....more

Photoshopping: 'C'mon Now Make it Stop!'

In recent weeks, five of my eating-disorder clients told me how much they identified with "All About That Bass." One said she can't stop listening to it. Maybe it's time to back the bill aimed at ending digital body distortion ....more