The Best Jeans for Your Body

No matter what id the body type you are blessed with; but there is surely a perfect fitting pair of jeans for all. But, what is the way to know about it? Because, as per the conventional traditions, we dramatically try like a numerous pair of jeans on us until we feel we have found the right one.  Finally, here are some of the best jeans on display to fit to your body type; regardless of your petite or long legs, curvy or apple body....more

10 Mani-Pedi Colors to try on

People love to lacquer their nails with eccentric colors just to make their nails look beautiful. These days, a wide array of trendy mani-pedi colors is available in the market. Some of the top brands come out with an excellent range of nail lacquers. One can look beautiful from head to toe just by applying some appealing colors. These days, nail art has also gained widespread popularity. Stylish and chic girls love to experiment with different colors and shades and embellishments to make nails look more beautiful. Patterned decals are also used complimenting nails beautifully....more