The Phone Left Dangling

I hung up on him, technically. I had emailed Aster (wonderful husband of 29 years) saying I wish he hadn't gotten upset about something I had said. He's been traveling for more than a week and he's exhausted and worn out and full of well deserved self-pity for being on the road. He had taken offense and I had felt bad but after thinking about it, although it wasn't worth any big deal to iron out, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with him. I felt I had said something supportive, I MEANT it supportively and he took offense at it. ...more

when I began reading your post I thought, "she is saying the types of things that I hear ...more

The Phew Factor

The "Phew Factor"...maybe it could be a reality TV show on one of the commercial TV stations. But, let's face it, we all have our version of the Phew Factor, don't we? The close call at the bad corner in our town? The time we thought we hit "reply all" on our email where we criticized our boss or relative? The child who doesn't get off the bus because she fell asleep and the driver didn't notice. And our health scares -- the topic for today's show on the "Phew Factor". ...more

Facebook Excommunication!

My kids all have hundreds of ‘friends’ on their Facebook sites. HUNDREDS! Some of them are relatives and some are parents’ friends. Most are friends from school and summer camp and then friends of those friends. And, at times, they are friends with me. ...more

I'm in my 20's and admittedly a little weirded out by adding relatives to my Facebook ...more

"You're Awfully Perky This Morning." (rolled eyes, annoyed face)

"You're awfully perky this morning this morning." Rose said this morning while standing in the kitchen. It wasn't a compliment. ...more