The ultimate candy cane cocktail


My Stand Off with God


Soft Sweet Cornbread and Cinnamon Honey Butter

  I just love cooking and baking. I love being in the kitchen with I Love Lucy, or a holiday movie (depending on the season) on my kitchen TV... I just love the days I get to do this. ...more

The Beauty of Fall...

The Beauty of a Michigan Fall  Not many people know this, but last year, Michigan had NO apples, and it was very hard on our farmers, not to mention us as consumers! I never realized the consequences of having such a mild winter. And when I say mild, I mean mild. There was a week in March that year where I laid out in my bathing suit and it looked as if I went to the Bahamas!...more

Lower Carb/Sugar Pumpkin Dip!


Mini Peach Pies


Amazing Breakfast Pizza

Now this... this is breakfast.... A Breakfast pizza that EVERYONE in the family will love. Yes. This is it.We eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and reheating it makes it leftovers to die for! Trust me, your family will thank you!What you will need:...more

Zucchini Bread


My lessons, before I have kids

Calloway. I love that name don't you? I love it because it's original and I love it because it belongs to a little boy I love as much as if he was my own. About once a week, I get to spend a few (or 8) hours with my little Calloway. You may hear him scream "Aunt Kristen, I need to go potty!!!!!" as loud as tornado sirens. You may hear him say (with the biggest cheesy smile ever) "Play with me Uncle Chris! Play with me!" And my heart just melts.  ...more