Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm beyond grateful for my blessings....more

Midweek Randoms!

Happy Thursday :)I hope you all are having a great week! We've been busy and cold around here! We had a little bit of snow over the weekend and the kids were so bummed once it melted ....more

Frozen Fun Football

This past weekend, Brent and I went to Fayetteville for the Arkansas/LSU game.We had so much fun! First of all, I hadn't been to a game since year before last. For the past five or so years, we've gone less and less due to numerous reasons ....more

Boden Activewear

First or all, I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, but I do want to say thank you to all of our Veterans! You've played such an important roll in our history, daily life and future. We appreciate each and every one of you and all of the things you do ....more

Halloween 2014 :)

Man, I just can't seem to follow any sort of blogging schedule right now! haHere are some pics from Halloween :)So, Knox started out wanting to be Lightning McQueen. I got online to look for a costume and I found a really cute one that was 3d-ish, but it was from years past and no where to be purchased currently ....more

Midweek Randoms!

WOWZERS, it feels forever since I blogged! I've been working like a crazy woman to get all the Heart & Home pre-orders for Nativities and scarves shipped out! I'm SO thankful for everyone's orders and feedback! ...more

Eight Years!

Eight years ago today, Brent and I got married :) Eight years have flown by. I feel so blessed by my marriage. We've been through good and bad, as every marriage has ....more

Midweek Randoms!

On a Thursday...still kinda mid-weekish, eh? ...more

Girl Time

On Saturday, Sloane and I had a few hours shopping together and it was so fun. It also made me realize that I really don't do one-on-one often enough with Knox & Sloane. I want to get better at making a point to spend time with each of them separately.Our mission was to find her a ballerina costume because that's what she wants to be for Halloween :)I had seen an outfit, randomly, when I was in Whole Foods last week, so that was our first stop ....more


I'm so happy to know about iMyne...more