Rape! Discuss.

Y’all have seen the articles, right? This one, where a rape survivor (we are not victims, not once the event is over, not once we’ve lived past it….so please, please, stop calling us victims, OK? It just makes us feel like soft little bunnies who can’t defend ourselves against the Big Bad Mens) is denied health care because she took preventative steps to prevent diseases from her rape, thus making it a pre-existing condition?...more

Would You Like Fries With That

So any of you on Twitter or on the receiving end of a frantic email string (looking at YOU John) may have already seen this. I quit my job on Friday. OK, I guess I actually turned in my intent to quit, as I gave the standard two weeks notice, but still. Yeah. No, I did not have another job lined up. No, I do not have interviews lined up. I barely have a current resume. ...more

This is the best thing you could have done for yourself, I salute you and congratulate you. ...more

My Father Has Cancer

My father has cancer. Prostate cancer. I’ve known for a little while now, two weeks or so. But my brothers didn’t know yet, and  couldn’t write about it until they were told. I cried when I hung up after hearing the news, more out of shock than anything. I mean, what are you supposed to feel after hearing something like that? “I wanted to tell you that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Please don’t tell your brothers.” ...more


I’ve always been a worrier, even as a little girl. At first it manifested itself in variations of the apocalypse. I’d wake up in the dead of night, convinced I’d been left behind in the rapture. I’d check on my parents; if they were still in bed, I hadn’t been damned yet (I also, apparently, wasn’t very optimistic). Then it branched out to more generic things. In third grade I was in the nurse’s office nearly every day, convinced I had stomach cancer (must’ve been on Discovery Chanel, or something). Every time my parents fought, I was sure they were ...more

You know, I was just talking this weekend about maybe trying yoga or learning to meditate. I ...more

Can I Help You?

Every day, or nearly every day, I check the stats for my blog. Mostly out of curiosity. It’s not like I’m uber popular (well, except for when I’m giving away trips to BlogHer) (no such luck this year, though, my work calendar looks free and clear!), but I like to know, in general, how many hits I get and what sites refer to me and what not. ...more


"Are you still having bleeding?" He asks. I nod my head...my throat is, once again, too tight to speak. I feel like an idiot. It's medicine. Science. There's no room for emotion in science. "Better or worse than yesterday?" "Worse," I whisper, desperately looking to the ceiling, praying that the tears won't spill over. Why do I care now? Why with a doctor, who deals with this, and worse, on a daily basis. I guess hormones and emotion know no logic. ...more

A Letter to my Body

Dear body, I know it’s not your fault, what happened this weekend. Not entirely, anyway. But still. It’s hard for me. It’s hard not to be angry with you. It’s hard not to feel betrayed. It’s hard not to rage against you for getting rid of what I so desperately wanted. ...more

Thanks, MsLady. That's very kind of you.



Mind Fuckingly Stupid

There’s a great article over at Daily Kos today. I try not to get too detailed about my politics with anyone - I know it’s a sensitive subject. BUT, I don’t know how much more election coverage I can take. The media needs to take a big fucking chill pill and maybe focus on some important things and not spend hours and hours spinning stories on how OJ is the the worst evil in the world and is probably the real reason behind 9/11 and global warming. ...more

Rockabye Book Giveaway

A few months ago, JS and I had a bit of a mishap with our birth control. We, naturally, stayed calm and discussed our options freaked the hell out and bought about a gazillion pee sticks. Luckily for us*, I was not pregnant. ...more

The ability to have the choice to just grab your shoes, car keys, and taking off, free from ...more

Taking a Risk

So I know I’m in danger of making this A! Big! Deal!, and that’s not what I intend. But this blog is sort of a pensieve for me, and sometimes I just need to dump my thoughts and feelings out so they’re not simply swirling around in my head and driving me absolutely nuts. ...more