The IRS: An Unconstitutional Organization That NEEDS to be Nonexistent

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you? How about, documenting everything you do? Have you ever felt like someone was cross-examining you until your mind was about to explode with frustration and confusion as to why anyone would even target you in the first place. ...more

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered to 18?

I am 17 years old and I am going in to my senior year in high school. Many kids I know drink on a regular basis, and I have even tried drinking before myself. However, kids WANT to be rebels because the drinking age isn't until 21. As a result, many kids I know binge and I would say are probably alcoholics that get very sick from the amount of alcohol they consume. They also face the consequences of getting themselves and their parents in trouble for drinking under-age.  ...more

Abortion: The Controversy That Must End

I will make this clear before I go on to explain anything else: the GOP is incredible. The Republican party is what this country needs. Their wonderful, patriotic view of the United States of America has pulled me out of anxiety and has caused me to become a strong young woman. I have met so many people as a Republican and as a Teen Age Republican I have learned how to make the United States the best place on Earth to live, even at such a young age. ...more

The Zimmerman Trial: Another Psychological Enslavement by the Left to Brainwash the Black Community

Around a half an hour ago the United States of America saw it's third controversial situation of Obama's second term.About a half an hour ago America began heading towards the beginnings of a racial anarchy, something the Leftist Confederates have continued to hope for the last 150 years.Turmoil has sprung with two different sides of an arguement: Zimmerman as trying to commit a murder to a black 17-year-old in Florida, and Zimmerman who "protected himself" in self-defense from a black teenager who called him a "white cracker"....more
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The National Security Agency: The US of A's Heading Toward a Leftist Police State

The biggest problem in Communist countries? Constant control of the population. Constant censorship, contant watch over everyone. This, for example, is one of the biggest problems in China--limited access to many freedoms, and the population are monitored "for their safety" via the internet.  A true bash at liberty. Our Founders were determined to get away from situations like this, even if they were distinctly describing the physical implications of someone actually walking into your home without permission.  ...more

Gay Marriage: The Pros and Cons

Well, congratulations to the gays on everything going on today, and I hope you all are are happy that the country is finally paying attention to you. As if we haven't. For all of you who don't know, today the Supreme Court made a decision, that, to some, is about as big as that of Roe vs. Wade back in 1973. ...more

The KKK: How Their Party--the Democrats--Proudly Supports the Rights of the People!

Shocker? I think not. Please, Democrats, tell me more about how us Republicans are "racist"! Oh, and by the way...times have NOT changed! Harry Truman...more

One of My Biggest Pet Peeves: Fake People in Religious/Spiritual Gatherings

Just another thing good-old-annoying Kerry cannot stand: fake people when it comes to God. I know you probably have many questions..."Kerry, aren't you a feminist? Doesn't that mean you think the Bible is sexist?" Or "Why aren't you following Jesus and accepting everyone?"...more
@ShelbytheStrickster Look, it's REALLY hard. I've only been a Christian for about a year, so ...more

Liberals: What's the TRUTH about these "For the People" Hypocrites

Must I continue to express my anger?...more